MBNA Chester Marathon event image

MBNA Chester Marathon

MBNA Chester Marathon event image MBNA Chester Marathon event image MBNA Chester Marathon event image MBNA Chester Marathon event image MBNA Chester Marathon event image MBNA Chester Marathon event image MBNA Chester Marathon event image MBNA Chester Marathon event image MBNA Chester Marathon event image MBNA Chester Marathon event image MBNA Chester Marathon event image

MBNA Chester Marathon

Chester, Cheshire

Racecourse, New Crane Street, Chester, CH1 2LY, United Kingdom

Sun 6th October 2024

Starting at 09:00

2 races


Organiser's Description

We are looking forward to the 14th MBNA Chester Marathon and hope that you choose to run with us.

All abilities, ages, fun and charity runners are welcome in the MBNA Chester Marathon, the 3x winner of the UK's best marathon (up to 5,000 runners). The event is the final race in the Chester Triple Medal series (enter and finish our 10K & Half Marathon in the same year for extra special, extra large and extra gold medal)

The MBNA Chester Marathon is a great introductory race for new marathon runners and an ideal stepping stone for runners looking for more than a half marathon. We are the UK’s only international marathon from the historic Roman/Medieval international destination City of Chester, and host the England Athletics Age Group Masters Marathon Championship adding to an already unforgettable atmosphere.

The event boasts a lively city centre start and finish, with a route that passes all Chester's iconic landmarks, then heads out into the Cheshire & North Wales countryside, before returning along the banks of the River Dee for an unforgettable finish and all the enthusiasm you could ask for from the Cestrian supporters who line the course to cheer you on.


The event organiser will send you a confirmation email separate to the Find A Race confirmation email, that will contain important information regarding the event and to acknowledge they have received your entry.


  • MBNA Chester Marathon

    All Abilities, Fun and Charity Runners Are Welcome in the MBNA Chester Marathon


    UK Athletics (UKA) save £2.00

    Booking for more than 1?
  • MBNA Chester Marathon Green Runner


    UK Athletics (UKA) save £2.00

    Booking for more than 1?


  • MBNA Chester Marathon

    All Abilities, Fun and Charity Runners Are Welcome in the MBNA Chester Marathon


    UK Athletics (UKA) save £2.00

    Booking for more than 1?
  • MBNA Chester Marathon Green Runner


    UK Athletics (UKA) save £2.00

    Booking for more than 1?

Course Details

You can expect some fast times over this stunning PB marathon course on closed roads covering 19 miles in England and 7 miles in Wales. You will run past all Chester's iconic landmarks (Roman Walls, Cathedral, Medieval Rows, Eastgate Clock, Amphitheatre) before heading out to the stunning Cheshire and North Wales countryside and villages; returning alongside the River Dee for a unforgettable finish on Castle Drive. The support in the villages and communities along the course is one of the many highlights of the race.

What's Included

• Access to training plans to support your running journey
• Support and advice, including free webinars and training runs to keep you motivated
• Your personalised race pack including your race number and timing chip sent to you in the post (runners from outside the UK need to collect their race numbers from our Help Desk on race weekend)
• Exclusive offers and competitions from our sponsors right from the moment you sign up
• Access to our friendly and supportive social community on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, who are happy to answer any of your running queries, including past and present pacers
• FREE runner to runner transfers - should you no longer be able to take part
• A fantastic atmosphere as we host the England Athletics Age Group Masters Marathon Championships
• A special long sleeve quarter zip technical T-shirt, bespoke medal and a tote style goody bag packed with post race nutrition when you finish
• Prizes awarded for the top 3 men and women and the winners of each age group
• Access to our runners Help Desk for any last minute queries or transfers
• A safe running environment
• On course hydration and nutrition for refuelling
• Lots of medical support throughout the course should you need assistance
• Access to our tracking website so all your supporters can track your live progress

  • Fast Course
  • Cash Prizes
  • A special long sleeve quarter zip technical T-shirt
  • Bespoke Medal
  • A tote style goody bag packed with post race nutrition


Parking will be on the open course at Chester Racecourse for a small fee (weather permitting). There are also many car parks within the city and a short walk to Chester Racecourse.


The race starts from inside Chester Racecourse, with the event village within the Paddock at Chester Racecourse. The finish is located in the heart of the city on Castle Drive.


  • Is there a cut off time? Is there a minimum standard?

    Chester Marathon is a running event, and there is a race cut-off time of 6 hours. Road closures are lifted in line with the 6 hour pace, and if you are not able to achieve this you may have to withdraw for your own safety. Out of consideration for the communities we run through, there are two points where the Marathon route will close, and runners who have fallen behind the 6 hour pace will not be able to continue on the marathon route: Junction of Rossett Road and Borras Road (about 13.4 miles) - Runners arriving here after 12:15 will not be able to enter the Borras loop. You will have the choice of getting into the sweep vehicle, or continuing towards Holt. This cuts 3 miles off the route so you will not complete the marathon distance. 21 miles (exiting the village of Aldford) - Runners arriving here after 14:00 will not be able to continue for their own safety. The route towards Huntington will be reopening - this is a very busy road once reopened, with no pavement. We will transfer you to the finish in the sweep bus. Times for runners who finish over the cut off will not be listed on the final results.

  • Can I run in fancy dress?

    Yes we welcome runners in fancy dress. Why not run as a Roman Centurion? It would be great to see the streets of Chester full of Centurions again! We do ask that you are considerate to your fellow runners, and don't wear a costume that might be obstructive or dangerous to others.

  • Will there be start zones?

    There will be start zones clearly marked with estimated finish times. Please assemble in the appropriate zone for your realistic expected finish time.

  • Will there be pacers?

    There will be Marathon pace runners at the target times of 3:00 and every 15 minutes up to 5:00 hours (chip time)

  • What facilities are there?

    There will be ample toilets at the start, all clearly signed. There will also be toilets at every drink station and at the finish There will be ample toilets at the start, all clearly signed. There will also be toilets at every drink station and at the finish

  • Can I wear an iPod or music player?

    Under UK Athletics rules, on any road which is not wholly closed to traffic only "open ear" bone conduction headphones are permitted. This means that in-ear headphones can't be used in the Chester Marathon and Metric Marathon. For the Chester Half Marathon and the Chester 10K, in-ear headphones can be used. Please leave one out so you can hear the sounds around you, including warnings from marshals or blue light vehicles on the course. Therefore we recommend "open ear" bone conduction headphones for enjoyment and safety

  • Can I run with a buggy or a dog?

    No, it is not possible to run with a buggy, or with a dog. This is against UK Athletics rules and you will be withdrawn from the course and disqualified.

the route

Refund Policy

If you no longer wish to take part in the event, you can transfer your race place to someone else at no extra cost, any time before the event closing date, by using the official transfer process outlined in your entry confirmation email or by logging into your Nifty account and choosing transfer my entry. Race places are not transferable between events or years.

You will be able to cancel your entry and receive a full refund (including any added extras at the time of registration), within 14 days of your purchase. As stated in our Terms and Conditions of entry, we will deduct a £5.00 administration fee from all refunds.

Notice of withdrawal from the event must be communicated by emailing [email protected] stating clearly the desire to withdraw and putting the word WITHDRAWAL in the subject line of the email. Withdrawals will not be accepted by telephone or post.

Refunds will not be issued under any circumstances after 14 days of purchase, if you enter a race within four weeks of race day or if the race sells out of general entries within 14 days of your entry. Participants can withdraw at any point prior to the race with no refund.

If you have entered the race using a transfer from another runner, we are unable to offer you the 14 day refund period, as you have not made a payment to us.

Green Runner

If You Enter as a Green Runner, You Will NOT Receive a Finisher's Medal, T-Shirt & Goody Bag. Instead the Cost of These Items Will Be Donated to Our Official Race Charity Hope House Children's Hospices. This Will Help Us Reduce Waste and Support Our Local Race Charity. Your Race Number Will Clearly Show You Are a Green Runner So You Can Collect Your Water at the Finish.

on the day

Baggage Storage
We will have Baggage Store for this event, opening at 07:30 for bag drop off, and again at 11:15 - 16:00 for collection.

Your baggage label is on the bottom of your race number. Please attach the baggage label securely to your bag. Your race number is needed to retrieve your bag.

Please don’t leave valuable or breakable items in baggage storage. Although baggage will be kept secure during the race and manned at all times, items are left at your own risk. The organisers will not be held responsible for any damage or loss.

Hoodie Collection
Hoodie collection will be from Help Desk on both Saturday and Sunday of race weekend. Don't forget to collect yours, if you pre-ordered one, after the race on race day.

Drinks stations will be at every 2.5 to 3 miles; there will be 330ml Sports Cap Brecon Caregg bottled water at all 9 stations, with High5 Energy Gel Aqua available on the route. There will be bands, music and entertainment along the way to entertain the crowds and runners. If any bands are interested in joining us please email [email protected].

The drink stations for the event are as follows:

Start - Brecon Carreg & Toilets
DS 1 - 3.6 miles Brecon Carreg & Toilets
DS 2 - 7.1 miles Brecon Carreg, High 5 gels & Toilets
DS 3 - 9.9 miles Brecon Carreg & Toilets
DS 4 - 12.8 miles Brecon Carreg, High 5 gels & Toilets
DS 5 - 15.5 miles Brecon Carreg & Toilets
DS 6 - 18.5 miles miles Brecon Carreg, High 5 gels & Toilets
DS 7 - 20.7 miles Brecon Carreg, High 5 gels & Toilets
DS 8 - 22.6 miles Brecon Carreg, High 5 gels & Toilets
DS 9 - 24.7 miles Brecon Carreg & Toilets
Finish - 26.2 miles Brecon Carreg & Toilets

We will have chip timing with intermediate splits at 10k, 20k, 30k and 40k, with social media athlete tracking so friends and family can follow your progress.

Finisher Goodies
All finishers will receive a quality goody bag, as well as a long sleeved technical T-shirt and a bespoke medal.

spectator info

The course for the MBNA Chester Marathon and Metric Marathon is wholly within closed roads to provide the best experience for competitors and to maximise their safety. This means that some parts of the course will be difficult to access by spectators who will have to park in a convenient and safe place and walk to the course. Anyone parking a car near to the course, please do so in a responsible and considerate manner.

If friends and family want to travel around the course, please make sure that you are fully aware of the race route and know in advance how to reach your intended supporting points taking into account the road closures.

It you want to watch the marathon, the best spots are in the villages of Holt and Farndon, both of which have places to eat and drink while you spectate. To avoid the road closures access the A534 from the A41 southbound (towards Whitchurch) turning right at Broxton roundabout; or from the A483 southbound (towards Wrexham), turning left at junction 7 (A5156). The metric marathon doesn't pass through Holt and Farndon.

If you’re not familiar with the local road network there are great places to watch and cheer runners in the City just after the start. If you head off straight after the start you can cheer runners on Eastgate Street (for both races) or at the Old Dee Bridge (marathon runners). Towards the end of the race supporters of both races can stake claim on a prime position to cheer the finishers.

09:00 & 10:00
Vehicle Access prior to 07:30. The car park closes at 07:30 and will reopen about 11:00.

City Centre
09:10 to 10:45
Walk from the Racecourse. Lots of food and drink available nearby.

Holt (LL13 9YG) and Farndon (CH3 6PU)
10:20 to 13:10
This is just after halfway on the marathon course. Please be mindful of road closures and parking suspensions. (Marathon only)

11:20 to 15:00
Be there to cheer on all the finishers!

Event Video


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