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Rough Runner - Birmingham (Saturday)

Packington Estate, Meriden, West Midlands

Packington Estate, Meriden, Coventry, UK

Sat 11th July 2020

Starting at 10:00

5 races

£16.27 - £78.05

Organiser's Description

Rough Runner is coming to Birmingham! FINALLY! We’ll be bringing the legendary Travelator with us to your doorstep, and giving you the opportunity to turn your favourite TV game show memories into reality. Inspired by shows like Total Wipeout, Gladiators, Takeshi’s Castle and Ninja Warrior, this is the only event that lets you take on a load of epic obstacles that you’ve only ever seen on screen and always wanted to try. Packington Estate will be hosting our first ever event in the area, providing the most stunning scenery across varied terrain all along the way. Set over a 5k, 10k or 15k distance – the choice is yours – there’s a level of challenge to suit your degree of fitness. So whether you’re a couch potato who should be getting out more, or a full on gym junkie, we’ve got you covered. And excitingly, 2020 sees us expanding the event to give you an even bigger, better day out! We’re bringing loads of activities for kids to do, delivered by an experienced crew who you can leave your kids with whilst you enjoy your run (or just get some peace and quiet and have a drink!). And there's a 1mile obstacle run for the Roughian Rascals. Do it now. Regret it never.


  • 5 Km
    £60.70 CLOSED
  • 10 Km
    £69.38 CLOSED
  • 15 Km
    £78.05 CLOSED
  • Roughian Rascal Kids' Course

    1 Mile Course for 7-12 Yr Olds

    £16.27 CLOSED
  • Rascals Retreat

    Kids' Activity Area for Ages 2+

    £16.27 CLOSED


  • 5 Km
    £60.70 CLOSED
  • 10 Km
    £69.38 CLOSED
  • 15 Km
    £78.05 CLOSED
  • Roughian Rascal Kids' Course

    1 Mile Course for 7-12 Yr Olds

    £16.27 CLOSED
  • Rascals Retreat

    Kids' Activity Area for Ages 2+

    £16.27 CLOSED
What's Included

An awesome medal

Free finishers photo

Free bag drop service

Roughian wristband

Water stations

Free access to the event for all spectators

Lots of great entertainment!


Packington Estate, Meriden, Coventry, West Midlands CV7 7HE

How To Get There

The times below are rough, and assume you’re driving. Basically, it’s easy to get to from the M40/M42, the M6, and the A45.

    • Birmingham – 15-20 mins
    • Coventry – 15 mins
    • Leicester – 45 mins
    • Wolverhampton – 45 mins
    • Northampton – 50 mins
    • Nottingham – 50 mins
    • London– 2 hours 30 mins

Packington Estate has numerous public transport links nearby, and is only 15 minutes from Birmingham International train station, with easy links to other major cities.


We have a fully managed car park on site, and we have a traffic management system in operation. Car parking is just £8 per car, cash on the gate.

Event Details

Minimum age for participants in the 5k, 10k and 15k events is 16yrs

Start times will be from around 9am through to approx 3pm. We will advise you of your start time about 7 – 10 days prior to the event date.

Please arrive on site around 1 hour prior to your start time, to get yourself registered, set up and ready to run!

Things you must bring (you won't be allowed to race without them):

- Your ticket (with the QR Code visible)

- Photo ID

- The Adult waiver - The Waiver!

- The Rough Rascals waiver (if applicable) Rascals Waiver!

Course Details

5 km

The easiest of all the courses. The 5km is particularly good fun, with 10 obstacles geared towards having a laugh whilst still providing a challenge. But there’s no suffering here (we don’t like getting electrocuted either!) – you’re just going to get very wet.

And if you’re not built to run marathons, that’s fine too. The average running distance between 2 obstacles is only about 500m, so your stamina reserves don’t need to be endless!

Enjoy the fun, and the challenge, without the pain.

10 km

The 10km is our most popular course, with up to 15 unique obstacles (it’s not two laps of the 5km course – you’ll enjoy additional obstacles). Think Total Wipeout with a dash of Ninja Warrior…

The distance between each obstacle is around 500-1000m on average, so you’ll need a reasonable level of fitness if you plan on running the whole way!

15 km

Our toughest challenge. 20 epic obstacles designed to test your strength, agility, balance, and ninja skills. Our 15km course is no mean feat, but we’re not about to make you carry sandbags, run up and down hills repeatedly or get electrocuted!

The 15km gives you all the obstacles that feature on the 5km and 10km courses, but you’ll also get an extra 5 obstacles that are unique, and more physically challenging than the rest (we don’t do laps at Rough Runner). Plus of course you’ll be running nearly 10 miles!

If you’re keen to try all 20 obstacles, and don’t mind a bit of grafting, this is the one for you.


A 1 mile course featuring a set of 10 challenging but child-friendly obstacles, built for adventure-seeking kids! It’s the perfect obstacle run for kids from 7-12 years old.

Great for a family day out, and to get young Rascals out and about, enjoying the outdoors, interacting with other kids and building their confidence.

Rascals Retreat

If you want leave your kids for an hour or two, you can drop them into the Rascals Retreat, where qualified professionals will look after them whilst they enjoy an array of activities, such as zorb balls, football, archery & dodgeball.

Competitor Information

You will need cash for food and drinks on site – card payment machines outdoors can be temperamental.

Clothing: Wear appropriate gear for the weather and conditions. Bring a towel and change of clothes.

Spikes WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. We have obstacles that spikes can cause damage to and we don’t want to take any risks. Your shoes will be checked before you race. Note that spikes also include football boots with “studs”. If you haven’t got shoes without spikes, be prepared to run barefoot!

Do NOT wear any jewellery – rings, watches, ear rings etc – as they can get caught on obstacles and be damaged or actually hurt you.

Briefing: Once you are registered, please head to the race briefing tent for your scheduled wave time. You will receive a race briefing and then get a 5/6 minute warm-up before you start. For Health and Safety reasons we cannot allow you to start running without getting a race briefing, so please DO NOT JUST JOIN IN THE WARM-UP UNTIL YOU HAVE RECEIVED YOUR RACE BRIEFING.

Bag drop: We do have a free bag drop area, so you can leave any belongings you want. Although secure, this is at your own risk. We take no responsibility or liability for any belongings – leave valuables in a car, or at home! Although it’s in a marquee, the ground can become muddy, so don’t bring your Gucci handbags or fancy gear! They may well get muddy or risk being broken! Also make sure they can be properly closed up, ideally with a zip – it’ll help keep everything inside that much safer.

Changing: We will have changing facilities, but it could be basic – literally a marquee tent, one for men, and one for women.

Caterers: There will be a caterers on site, so remember to bring cash to feed yourself.

Runners Village with activities and lots of great entertainment

It's a Knockout competition! At the end of each day (weather permitting) we will be hosting a Travelator Knockout competition! If you want to take the ultimate challenge, win a cash prize and be crowned Champion of the Travelator, stick around till the end of the day and join in. It’s awesome.

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Packington Estate, Meriden, West Midlands