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Selkie Henley Classic Selkie Henley Classic

Selkie Henley Classic

Henley-on-Thames, Wokingham

Temple Island Meadows, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire RG9 3DD

Sun 25th June 2023

Starting at 04:00

2 races

£65.00 - £75.00

Organiser's Description

A 2.1 km upstream River Thames swimming event at dawn, held on the world-famous Henley Royal Regatta course.

Henley Swim is privileged to be able to stage the Selkie Henley Classic on this beautiful reach of the Thames. This is the ONLY time you will be able to have a safe supervised swim on the course, while it is completely closed to boat traffic.

The event starts with a short walk to the official regatta start, where the first swimmers will enter the water, just as the sun is rising. This River Thames swimming experience takes you past all the famous Henley Regatta landmarks including the Barn Bar, Phyllis Court and the Members’ Grandstand. As the church and bridge come into sight in the early morning sun, you reach the end of your swim at the Official Regatta Finish.

After a short walk back to the event area you are welcomed by the smell of coffee and breakfast, into the hub of swimmers exhilarated by what they have accomplished before most of the country wakes up.

The Selkie Henley Classic is a swim like no other, and once experienced, it’s difficult to stop yourself returning year after year. Give it a go, and experience for yourself the unique atmosphere of this event.


  • Selkie Henley Classic



    Booking for more than 1?
  • Selkie Henley Classic


    Junior (Age 14-17)

    Booking for more than 1?


  • Selkie Henley Classic



    Booking for more than 1?
  • Selkie Henley Classic


    Junior (Age 14-17)

    Booking for more than 1?

What's Included

  • Unique Course
  • Early Morning Swim
  • Finisher Medal
  • Breakfast Available to Purchase
  • Saturday Night Camping Available
  • Rewards For Returning Swimmers

How to Get There

Use postcode RG9 3DD
Event well sign posted from Henley town centre and from White Hill


Free parking onsite

Course Details

Perfectly straight, upstream boomed course

Wave selection

The Selkie Henley Classic swim is a River Thames swimming event and has several wave options to choose from.

Swimming on the Henley Regatta course is a privilege and we are very grateful for the support we receive. In return we have to be clear of the river by 0630 so it is important that you select the correct wave based on your anticipated swim time.
Please remember that it is an upstream swim so be realistic with your time and err on the side of caution.
WAVE 1 (Juniors and Schools)
Juniors (age 14-17 on 25th June 2023) and School swimmers will automatically be put in this wave
Junior swimmers will be set off slightly in advance of the sporting wave.
WAVE 2 (Sporting)
Select this wave if you wish to swim at leisure or alongside friends.
Select this wave if you comfortably average between 2 mins 15 secs and 2 mins 30 secs per 100m during a distance swim.
Select this wave if you comfortably average between 2 mins and 2 mins 15 secs per 100m during a distance swim.
Select this wave if you comfortably average between 1 min 45 secs and 2 mins per 100m during a distance swim.
WAVE 6 (Performance)
Select this wave if you wish to race hard (likely to be in the top 100 swimmers) and average below 1min 45 secs per 100m during a distance swim.
Teams – There is one team competition. A team can be made up of any combination of male or female swimmers and any number. The four fastest times will qualify for the competition.

Elite Entrants

At the Selkie Henley Classic, elite adult swimmers participate in the Performance wave. All swimmers that are 17 or under on the day of the race will swim in the Junior wave.
Wetsuits are optional for all swimmers.

on the day

Full timings are given in the information pack. The general rule is to aim to arrive at the event venue around 75 minutes before your wave time.

Parking is available at the venue

Toilets and changing facilities will be provided

Hot & cold drinks & snacks will be available at the main event area

The venue will be open on Saturday afternoon for anyone who would like to give themselves a little longer in bed on Sunday, by collecting their race packs on Saturday afternoon.

There will be food and drink available to purchase on the Saturday afternoon and evening, for campers and for swimmers collecting their race packs.
The food vendors will also be open for breakfast from around 3am to the end of the event at around 9am.


Basic camping will be available on the Saturday night at Glebe Campsite. The cost is £20 per person in either a tent or a campervan, and can be pre-booked when registering for the event.
The campsite is not run by Henley Swim, on-the-day camping may be available but will be more expensive.

water temperature

The water temperature at the Classic depends upon both the outside temperature and the quantity of rainfall in the days and weeks running up to the event. It is therefore very difficult to predict.

Based on previous years, at the end of June, we would expect the water to be between 17 and 19 degrees centigrade


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Henley-on-Thames, Wokingham

25 Jun 2023

£65.00 - £75.00

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