Asda Foundation Sheffield Half Marathon

Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Arundel Gate, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Sun 26th September 2021

Organiser's Description

A major event in the UK's running calendar, the Asda Foundation Sheffield Half Marathon attracts thousands of runners of all abilities and spectators to the City's streets, and raises many thousands of pounds for good causes. With a city centre start and finish, the event boasts a super scenic route, with stunning views of the Peak District and various City landmarks. Naturally, to take advantage of the best of the Peak District's incredible views, there will be an uphill 'King of the Hill' section.
NB - Event postponed and re-scheduled from 29th March 2020.

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13.1 miles

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·2 years ago

Great day. Lovely run in Sheffield - tough start with the hills, but the 5 mile point marks the peak and the rest is downhill - well run and great support from the crowds!

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Alex Connell-Moore

Alex Stephenson

Amy Gillott

Anna Durkin

Chris Clegg

Danielle Jarvis

Gino Portaluri

Jordan Shuker

Joshua Foster

James Worrall

Luke Snodden

Luke Eccles

Martin Smith

Paul Dent

Paul Gledhill

Sandis Zalāns

Sarah Profit

Tomasz Stępień

Zach Morris

Zoe Robson


Alice Bocock

Alison Morag

Becca Livesey

Ben Triathlete

Haseeb Aslam

Cam Robertson

Lucy Price

Danielle McHale

Gemma Pears

Glyn Carman

Haroon Tariq

Harry Young

Hayley Bean

Jess Balmer

Jordan Shuker

Marcia Torrano Harling

Matt Lockwood

Morgan Howard

Natalie Lamb

Neil Gallafent

Phil Goulding

Rachel Armitage

Wesley Jellings

yvonne moore


Sheffield, South Yorkshire