Rutland Water, Whitwell, Oakham, East Midlands

Whitwell, Oakham, UK

Sun 08th August 2021

Organiser's Description

This beautiful course spans one of Europes largest reservoirs - Rutland Water - one of the most iconic landmarks in the Midlands. Our 2 km course takes you across the heart of Rutland Water, an incredible undertaking, with options to complete numerous passes up to a monster 8km. We also have a mini 500m course as a great beginner or junior option.

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500m, 2 km, 4 km, 8 km

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joy okane

Emma Brown


Dan Skinner

Thomas Davis

Jessica Daw

Lucy Bale

Maxime Punja

Nigel Rees

Nina-May Gill

Peter Gleed


Rutland Water, Whitwell, Oakham, East Midlands