Matthew Talbot


"Here at ROOTS we believe that humans are built to be outdoors.

Our wish is to reconnect people with this natural ability and to promote a healthy active life style that exists with the environment around us. Let’s get back to our ROOTS.

Regular exercise of both mind and body is the key to a healthier life. This is not a new message.

Question everything, never be afraid to try and learn new skills and always look to support others as they do the same.

Our motto here at ROOTS is “Patience - Logic - Strength”

Be Patience enough to absorb all the information available to you. Apply Logic to that information and use it to formulate a plan. Finally, be Strong enough to see that plan through to the end. Stand by your convictions and lean from your mistakes.

There is no right or wrong answer to the question of what you are capable off. The only wrong thing you can truly do is to not try."

Patience - Logic - Strength

Chief Seed Planter