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Battle at Blaise Battle at Blaise Battle at Blaise Battle at Blaise Battle at Blaise Battle at Blaise Battle at Blaise Battle at Blaise Battle at Blaise Battle at Blaise Battle at Blaise Battle at Blaise Battle at Blaise Battle at Blaise Battle at Blaise Battle at Blaise Battle at Blaise

Battle at Blaise

Bristol, Avon

Blaise Castle Estate, Kings Weston Road, Bristol, BS10 7QT, United Kingdom

Sat 5th November 2022

Organiser's Description

Making full use of the amazing 650-acre Blaise Castle Estate, 'Battle at Blaise' will be a unique experience for our worldwide fitness loving community!

Push yourself to the finish line in a friendly and supportive environment..... Our fitness community has always had an awesome sense of camaraderie and togetherness that will inspire you to push through to the end no matter what, whilst having a whole lot of fun doing it!

Our 7km OCR event combines obstacles, trails and functional fitness challenges that we have specifically designed to be challenging yet non-technical, making the event very inclusive and perfectly suited for all fitness abilities, from fun runners to seasoned OCR athletes, and even junior Blaisers!

As well as the obstacle course run we will be hosting a Trail Run with both 6km and 10km distance options available.

Battle at Blaise events are all about getting over the finish line and experiencing the sense of achievement of completing this really epic fitness challenge, however we do also have competitive heats available for anyone that wishes to see how they fare up against their fellow participants.

So however you choose to take part, get ready to conquer the castle this November!

What's Included

Full Course Route (including obstacles) is already available on our website. Shortly before the event you will receive your heat time. On the day you will check in and then head off on your various events!

  • Prizes for top 3 in each category!
  • Bespoke finisher's medals, headbands & goodies!
  • Electronic Chip Timing (Optional)
  • Finisher's T-shirts (available to purchase)

How to Get There

Primary entrance - Kings Weston Road.


Parking spaces can be reserved online closer to the event date.

Course Details

Some tasty trails - with some challenging uphills but also thankfully some lovely descents! What goes up, must come down remember!

Obstacles - a mixture of jumping, climbing, crawling, hanging, swinging - all the fun stuff basically!

Primal fitness stations - mini stations which involve functional full body movements that everyone can do, think tyre drags, carries, bodyweight exercises and more!


  • Do I need to be really fit to take part?

    Not at all. Our events are designed to be for everyone. Yes, they are challenging in areas but they have also been designed to not be super-technical (whether that's the trails, the obstacles or the primal fitness exercises) and therefore are accessible to everyone! You can also decide how to tackle the course, whether that is in our competitive heats, our just for fun heats and by yourself or with friends!

  • If I have any questions leading up to the event, who should I contact?

    Just email [email protected]

  • What other amenities will there be on the day?

    A bag drop area, toilets, food and drink vendors and also some extra special fitness apparel & merch!

  • Will there be a photographer on the day?

    Of course - we'll have several throughout the route!

  • Will there be water stations on the course?

    Of course, there will be several along the route!

  • How long will it take me?

    The OCR will take anywhere from 1-2 hours to complete! The 6k trail will take anywhere from 30mins to an hour and the 10k trail will take anywhere from 45mins-2 hours!

  • Do I have to wear a chip timer?

    Nope, only if you choose to run in our competitive heats!

The route

When you hit the first challenge zone you’ll dive straight into tackling a series of jumping obstacles before having your balance and co-ordination immediately tested on the balance beams and extended tyre run track!

A plethora of obstacles to waken up the senses ready for the long road (well, trails) ahead! 🤩

JustGetting Started

Next up, the first of our 4 epic trails! (follow the blue line)

Time to navigate nature at its finest ….

Bring on the trees 🌲

Bring on the mud 🐾

Bring on the lung buster 🥵


First trail done, now time for our first Obstacle / Functional Fitness Combo Zone – you’ll need to conquer a series of climbing obstacles coupled with unconventional carries!

Carries could include sandbags, tyres, logs, kegs or even a couple of your fellow competitors...

...only joking about that last one…that might get a bit weird! 🤨

Climb & Carry

Now that you’ve bested the old climb and carry, it’s time to start your second trail (follow the yellow line)...and the grind begins with a looonnnng sharp incline! 🏃‍♀️

(We won’t tell them about the backpacks, that’ll be a lovely little surprise for them … shhhhh) 😈

Base Camp

A challenge at the summit and one that's guaranteed to get those legs feeling like you're climbing Everest! (Again) 🏔

Because friends don’t let friends skip leg day…and we’re definitely your FRIENDS…right? 👀


GET TO GRIPS (see what we did there? 😏) with our rowing machines and scaffold-based obstacles!

Yep, rowers AND scaffolding obstacles...where else would you get to do that?! 🤷

Can you hold on?

Our shortest, flattest but spiciest little trail run!

Why spiciest we hear you ask quizzingly 🧐?

Well, because we always like to add a little bit of sandy spice to our hikes! 🏝

(follow the orange line on the map)

In the bag

Our second Obstacle / Functional Fitness Combo Zone!

Consider it the bigger brother of old Climb & Carry!

Be ready to test your odd-object lifting strength but also your ability to move your own bodyweight! 🤔


The perfect way to balance out all of the pushing that you’ve just done!

Same structure, different focus! Same good time! 😎


Our FINAL but most challenging trail that takes you all the way up to Blaise Castle! 🏰

(follow the red arrow on the map)

At the base of Blaise Castle, you'll have to conquer our very own outdoor Room of Doom, a room filled with all of the FUN!

Expect bodyweight exercises like Bear Crawls, Broad Jumps and of course…Burp (don’t worry, we can pretend that they aren’t included for a bit longer!) 🤫

Bodyweight Blaise

Our final test which combines some Superhuman classics with some brand-new obstacles! 😍

OOOO we can’t wait to show you what we’ve got in store for the finale!! 🏆 🎉 🎊

entry categories

Individuals & Teams - 'Racing Just For Fun'


Same Sex Pairs

Mixed Team of 4 (2 Men / 2 Women)


  • 5
  • 4
  • 3
  • 2
  • 1


3 reviews


·15 days ago

I had such a great time doing the Battle at Blaise 6k. It was my first ever trail run and it took a lot of courage to take part. I was worried about being too slow but the marshalls and photographers were super supportive and really pushed myself and my friend to keep going. Unfortunately though, just before the end of the race there were 4 young marines that made me want to give up. They were demoralising, laughing at myself and my friend, and caused all of my insecurities to come flooding back and I really struggled to finish the race. It took a lot of encouraging words from my friend to get me over that finish line. However, everything else was brilliant!
Hi Holly, Congratulations on completing the 6k Trail Run and having the courage to sign up. As event organisers, hearing that we had a small role in helping people to accomplish something that they initially had doubts about being able to do, makes all the hard work that goes into putting on events completely worth it, so a massive thank you for your kind words! Equally, I'm really sorry to hear about the behaviour of the Marines on the course, this is not something that we condone, nor is in line with the positive & supportive atmosphere that we wish to create at our events. Following Kate's review last week, I have escalated the matter, speaking to our point of contact at the Royal Marines and explaining that this behaviour is totally unacceptable. I do hope that despite this unfortunate happening, you still feel proud of your efforts on the trail run (as you should) and are willing to give another one of our events a go in the future! Well done again, Luca :)
Superhuman Sports

·21 days ago

First trail run and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. A well organised event with extremely friendly marshalls, even the photographers were supportive. The only negative and criticism I have is of the four young Royal Marines stationed at around the 5.7 km. These men were openly laughing at myself and my friend, they were condescending and rude. This dented my friends confidence so much, so close to the finish line. This is not the support you need or expect, and is unwelcome to those who are working on their running ability and confidence.
Hi Kate, Thank you for your kind words about the trail run and it's great to hear that the marshalls and stewards were so supportive!  With regards to the Marines, I'd like to be the first to apologise for their behaviour on the course, it is totally unacceptable and not in keeping with the positive atmosphere and supportive nature of our events at all. I am in the process of emailing our point of contact at the Marines to make them aware that this behaviour has no place at our events.  Our aim has always been to put on events that lift people up and build confidence rather than the opposite and so it's really disappointing to hear about this. I've emailed you directly to discuss this further. Apologies again and congratulations on smashing the trail run, we hope to see you at one of our events soon! Luca :)
Superhuman Sports

·21 days ago

The race was good and hard, but it didn't seem particularly well organised. I spent too long searching for information that should have been obvious. Big panic about parking that wasn't really an issue. But I parked off site and there was no signage to the event. Sorry to say - but the music (percussion) wasn't really motivating. In spite of all we had a great day. Great helpers on the course. Plenty of toilets. Food options OK. Just a medal and a drink for finishers - No shirt though.
Hi Robert, Thank you for your review - great to hear that you found the race challenging and had a great day! I'm sorry that you feel that we didn't quite hit the mark in certain areas such as the parking. Luckily, next year, we plan to hold the event slightly earlier in the year so as to make use of all of the onsite parking. We really appreciate all of your feedback and look forward to putting on an even better experience for everyone next year :) Thanks, Luca
Superhuman Sports


Bristol, Avon


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