Cuckmere Haven - Beachy Head 15 miles (approx) event image

Cuckmere Haven - Beachy Head 15 miles (approx)

Cuckmere Haven - Beachy Head 15 miles (approx) event image Cuckmere Haven - Beachy Head 15 miles (approx) event image Cuckmere Haven - Beachy Head 15 miles (approx) event image Cuckmere Haven - Beachy Head 15 miles (approx) event image

Cuckmere Haven - Beachy Head 15 miles (approx)

BN25 4AD East Dean Road, Seaford, United Kingdom

Sat 1st June 2024

Starting at 08:15

1 race


Organiser's Description

This is a spectacular run that takes you across the springy grass above the iconic white chalk cliff tops with their precipitous drop into the sea below. It follows winding trails through the lush woodland at Friston Forest; the Seven Sisters Country park; along the banks of the meandering Cuckmere River and down onto the shingle beach at Cuckmere Haven.

There's an enjoyable stretch of the 100-mile South Downs Way. This is a great route at any time of year, from summer when the 500 acres of open chalk grassland the area are rich with butterflies and downland flowers to winter when the waves crash on the rocks below.

Keep an eye out for nearby sites of archaeological interest, like Belle Tout Neolithic enclosure.


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  • Cuckmere Haven - Beachy Head


    Booking for more than 1?


  • Cuckmere Haven - Beachy Head


    Booking for more than 1?

Course Details

This course is not flat, it's coastal, hilly and beautiful. Sometimes woody and sometimes open, bring appropriate clothing and always carry a waterproof coat.

What's Included

Location and meeting point will be sent before the day.
A run with me and whoever else signs up.
Good company, good chat and a chance to share trail running tips between us.
Again, not a race, this is a social running event designed to bring people together, to share a run , enjoy the views and generally have a nice time on the trails.

  • Great Coastal Sea Views
  • Excellent Training Run
  • Social and Fun


Currently costs £4 per day, free motorcycles, but please check the Seven Sisters website for current prices.


Seven Sisters Car Park, Exceat, Seaford BN25 4AD


  • What time does it start?

    08:30 be at Cuckmere Haven Car Park by 8 - 8:15am

  • Is parking free?

    No, currently £4 for the day at your expense, motorbikes are free, please check the National Trust Seven Sisters website for latest info and prices

  • Start Location?

    Cuckmere Haven Car Park

  • Is it hilly?

    Yes, 581+ metres or 1948ft of elevation (approx)

  • Should I wear trail shoes?

    Use the weather as your guide, if wet yes, if dry maybe not, if in doubt, yes. I will be wearing trail shoes.

  • Can I use Poles?


  • Should I bring a first aid kit?

    I recommend always having one when you trail run, do bring a foil blanket for safety.


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8 reviews


·9 months ago

Fantastic day out! Really enjoyed the route. Highly recommended, I will be at next one for sure. Thanks Perry.

·a year ago

This was a amazing experience, beautiful scenery, nice relaxed pace and great company. Perry and his team where very warm and professional, they made sure everyone was safe + sound till the end. I would highly recommend Perry & the trail run explorers.

·a year ago

I would highly recommend this run, very beautiful scenery , nice and relaxed pace with good company. All the communication pre run was very well done. Perry & his team was brilliant at guiding us from start to finish, making sure everyone was safe + sound at all times. Thank you for a lovely experience

·a year ago

Great run through the forest and across the cliffs. Small group of us and good vibes. Thanks all

·a year ago

The run was great fun and I really had to push myself. The guys taking us and the group who ran were so much fun and kept it all light and enjoyable. The only thing I would say is that the last three miles I kind of had to find my own way back as the group kind of pushed on. Not a problem but might cause new runners so issues, Thanks for a great mornings running

·2 years ago

Really nice group, beautiful run and Perry (the organiser) is amazing

·2 years ago

This review is by me Perry Stock and is a little biased because I organised the route and the event. However, I would just like to say it was an amazing day, the route was fantastic and the weather that complemented the day was beautiful. It was a large group and we had a great time, running, hiking, talks about trail running, talking about other stuff, taking pictures and generally having a lovely time. I give 5 stars to all of the people that turned up and made this a success. Thank you all. ;P

·2 years ago

A really beautiful fantastic scenic trail run, through country parks, fields, trails, along beachy head and seven sisters.
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