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Race With No Name

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Race With No Name

Drewsteignton, Exeter, England, United Kingdom

Sat 19th October 2024

Starting at 07:00

2 races

£20.00 - £55.00

Organiser's Description

The Race With No Name

This is a 35 mile (just over 50k) self-nav Dartmoor Traverse with a difference. This is a challenge event or a race but we’ll be encouraging walkers to take part this year too.

The Race With No Name/Dartmoor Traverse follows the Two Moors Way route (western route).


This is the same as for previous years but we will include running guides to run alongside runners (mid and rear pack but not front runners, so race snakes can relax!).

Who is it for?
This event will appeal to people with a sense of adventure, who are looking for a scenic and runnable way to cross Dartmoor at any time of year. It’s also ideal for the first time ultra runner and those of you who want to do a Dartmoor Crossing.

Entrants need to be 20 at least to enter the Ultra, unless they do it as a challenge (walk), in which case younger entrants can do it with a guardian or parent.

We recommend that runners are capable of completing this in less than ten hours.
What’s included:
GPX files optimised for all the leading watches and devices
Mandatory kit checks (for your own safety and well being)
Transport to the start from Ivybridge (for a £10 booking fee)
Parking in Ivybridge.
Saturday October 19th. 9am runners
Cut Off for walkers is 10 hours.
Surface: Mixed
Difficulty: Tough
Ascent: 4,000 feet


  • The Race With No Name

    Dartmoor 35 Mile North to South Crossing

    Sat 19th October 2024


    Booking for more than 1?
  • Transport Ivybridge to Drewsteignton

    7am Outside Train Station Car Park

    Sat 19th October 2024


    Booking for more than 1?


  • The Race With No Name

    Dartmoor 35 Mile North to South Crossing

    Sat 19th October 2024


    Booking for more than 1?
  • Transport Ivybridge to Drewsteignton

    7am Outside Train Station Car Park

    Sat 19th October 2024


    Booking for more than 1?

What's Included

GPS trackers

Marshalled course

Professional first aid

Fully insured


Bespoke medals to all finishers

Prizes for all category winners

Bag drop (50k only)

Up to 3 feed stations

  • Transport (optional)


There is an all day car park in the village and in Ivybridge next to Station Rd


Registration at Drewsteignton village hall

Kit List

waterproof trousers and top (seemed)
long sleeved layer
head torch and spare batteries or second head torch
enough food for 12 hours
collapsible cup
skin or backpack
500 litre water minimum
hat or two buffs
map of route (use our own waterproof bespoke maps or electronic Viewranger version and paper back up)
two pairs of socks
mobile phone
£20 cash

entry requirement

We ask that you have completed at least a half marathon off road and have some experience of self navigation.


Verified Purchase

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4 reviews


·2 years ago

Totally love this race! Its really tough, but also beautiful. It challenges but also rewards. Done it 3 times now and will keep doing it. Dartmoor is a spectacular landscape to run across - its safe, but also feels bleak and desolate at times. Love it! do it! x

·2 years ago

I found The Race With No Name to be a really rewarding experience, with just the right level of challenge to a novice ultra runner like me. I chose it for the self-navigation aspect and really enjoyed learning navigation basics during training. The route itself is beautiful and very varied, mile after mile.

·2 years ago

I chose this for my first ultra, because it’s not too long but challenging enough to be worth putting in the effort and training for. The route is beautiful, after the first mean hill, you head through the wooded Teign Valley and beside the river. Up on Dartmoor the views are amazing. It’s hilly but not too hilly! The tracking was great, our supporters loved being able to follow us all the way along.

·2 years ago

This is a beautiful self-nav race, traversing North-South Dartmoor via the Two Moors Way. Dartmoor is a varied landscape, undulating and with valleys, forests, bronze age historic sites (one of which you'll run past) as well as sections of moor. As a novice ultra-runner, I found this a challenging but great experience; having the security of a professional team's oversight is great, given that the moor can be somewhat unpredictable. The RWNN seemed well-organised and the aid stations had what I needed (i.e. cake!). I ran the 2019 event and came back for more in 2021, so that probably says a lot!

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