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Race With No Name

Drewsteignton, Devon

Drewsteignton, Devon

Sat 09th October 2021

Starting at 09:00

1 race



Wild Running Ltd has provided covid-19 safety information for this event.

Organiser's Description

Why No Name? This is for people who can’t remember the name of races because they’ve done so many!

This event will appeal to people with a sense of adventure, who are looking for a scenic and runnable way to cross Dartmoor at any time of year. It’s also ideal for the first time ultra runner and those of you who want to do a Dartmoor Crossing with excellent. support, safety crews, loads of refreshments on route checkpoints, and 24/7 monitoring.


  • The Race With No Name

    35 Mile Ultra

    £45.00 CLOSED


  • The Race With No Name

    35 Mile Ultra

    £45.00 CLOSED
What's Included

GPX files optimised for all the leading watches and devices

Prizes from our event sponsors

Well provisioned check-points (3 in total) fully stocked with food and drink.

Live event monitoring for friends and family following our event tracking devices - we provide all our runners with trackers

Mandatory kit checks (for your own safety and well being)

Sleepover and registration at Ivybridge Methodist Church (Friday night pre event). Stocked with food and drink

Breakfast on Saturday morning in Ivybridge. (£5 booking fee)

Transport from Ivybridge to the start at Drewsteignton (7am Cole Lane) (for a £15 booking fee)

4X4 rapid response pick up

Bespoke first aid team

The chance to take part in pre-event recces

Parking in Ivybridge

Free places to our other events will be offered to teams who raise the highest amount for their chosen charity.

Find out more about the route in our Two Moors crossing Blog

UTMB points


Overnight accommodation in Ivybridge Methodist Church, Fore St, Ivybridge PL21 9AB

Start from Drewsteignton Village Hall, Devon

Event Information

Entrants need to be 20yrs of age at least to enter the Ultra.

Registration at Ivybridge Methodist Church. We have hired Ivybridge Methodist Church for the whole day from 5pm on Friday (open for sleepover). Hot drinks and refreshments will be available here, as well as parking and pre race breakfast.

People travelling long distances can stay overnight on Friday if they bring their own ground mats and sleeping bags.

Cut Off 12 hours

Course Details

Surface: Mixed

Difficulty: Tough

Ascent: 4,000 feet

This is a challenging self navigation ultra, crossing Dartmoor National Park, with minimal ascent. At the 8 mile split at Checkpoint 1 near Yardworthy farm (also the first feed station) you must take the western split, where the Two Moors Way splits in two and rejoins at Widecombe at Checkpoint 2. There will be 3 checkpoints at Yardworthy Farm, Widecombe (mile 17) and Scorriton (mile 26).

From Scorriton It’s a tough climb but you can contour round to the left of Puper’s Hill rather than going up and over the top, crossing the Avon via a clapper bridge if you’ve picked up the correct path. The run in to Ivybridge is straight forward, following the Puffer Billy trail (old tramway) all the way to Ivybridge, where the finish awaits, at the train station.

Refreshments will be available at all checkpoints.

  • 6.00am breakfast served at Ivybridge Methodist Church
  • 6.30am to 7.30am. Registration opens at the Methodist Church.
  • 7.30am Registration closes
  • 7.30am Bus pick up Ivybridge to take you to the start in Drewsteignton. Exact location TBC. Please pre book.
  • 8.50am Race Briefing at Drewsteignton Village Hall or just outside.
  • 9.00am bags taken to drop bag locations
  • 9.00am Start of RWNN
Kit List

Mandatory Kit
Backpack or waist pack
Capacity to carry 1 to 2 litres of water
Survival blanket
Long sleeved pare base layer
Waterproof jacket (preferably with taped seams)
Waterproof trousers
Hat/Headcover (buff/cap)
Emergency food
Mobile phone with our Emergency numbers stored
Head torch (with spare batteries)
Bring your own map 1:25k or 1:40k recommended or this Two Moors Way route
Mobile phone (in sealed bag)
First aid kit (containing minimum of elastoplasts/moleskin layer/tweasers)

Non Mandatory
GPS watch or device
25 litre drop bag


Transport and Parking

How can I get to the Start/Finish

We will be laying on a bus from Ivybridge train station to take people to Drewsteignton Village Hall.

Cut Offs

The cut off time for the finish is 12 hours and we will be publishing checkpoint cut off times, which will be aimed at people who walk at a reasonable pace the whole way.

What about dogs?

Dogs aren’t allowed for events on Dartmoor I’m afraid and the DNPA is quite strict about this.

Can I transfer my place to somebody else?

Yes up to seven days of the event/ No transfers will be allowed within 7 days of race day.

How can I transfer my ticket or change to a different event?

This link shows you how to transfer your place to someone else or move to another event. You can only do this up to seven days before the event. Navigate to My Orders, fill out the form and request a transfer. If your new event costs more than the original you will have to pay the difference. If it costs less, you won’t receive a refund.

Do I need to have run a previous ultra to enter the RWNN Ultra?

You will need to have completed at least a half marathon and we recommend that you have done some prior self navigation events.

Will the course be marked?

No but we will have three checkpoints which will be well stocked out on the course and we willl be monitoring your every move.

Will I need to navigate?

We recomend that you have done some sort self navigation events to take partor signp for one of our preevent recces/navigation courses. The Two Moors Way is unmarked in places, so you will need to know how ro read a map and use a compass, possibly in the dark if you are walking it.

Will my kit be checked?

Yes before the start and at possibly unspecified checkpoints along the route.

Are there any UTMB points for the RWNN Race?

Yes. We will be offering a minimum of 2 UTMB points for the RWNN Ultra but we are told this could go up to three points. We are considering this option.

How can I get back to the start?

We will provide transport to the start (which you book seperately for £15) after registration to Drewsteignton Village Hall. Any other arrangements will have to be made by yourselves however.

How can I get to the start

We are laying on buses from Ivybridge.

What’s the deal with the bag drop?

You’re allowed one bag at Scorriton and one for the finish but only one will be taken to Scorriton, while the other will just go to the finish. Both bags will be at the finish for when you arrive however, which will all get transported to the finish line. So we suggest you compartmentalize the wet stuff from the dry and spare socks/shoes etc for Scorriton.

Where can i stay?

We are providing overnight sleeping facilities and parking at Ivybridge Methodists Church on Friday 8th October. Warm food will be available here on the morning of the race and at Scorriton village hall in the afternoon/evening. IF YOU WANT TO STAY SOMEWHERE ELSE NEARER THE FINISH AND CATCH THE EVENT BUS NEXT DAY YOU CAN ALSO CAMP HERE

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Exeter, Devon

13 Nov 21

5 · 4 Reviews


·11 days ago

Totally love this race! Its really tough, but also beautiful. It challenges but also rewards. Done it 3 times now and will keep doing it. Dartmoor is a spectacular landscape to run across - its safe, but also feels bleak and desolate at times. Love it! do it! x

·12 days ago

I found The Race With No Name to be a really rewarding experience, with just the right level of challenge to a novice ultra runner like me. I chose it for the self-navigation aspect and really enjoyed learning navigation basics during training. The route itself is beautiful and very varied, mile after mile.

·12 days ago

I chose this for my first ultra, because it’s not too long but challenging enough to be worth putting in the effort and training for. The route is beautiful, after the first mean hill, you head through the wooded Teign Valley and beside the river. Up on Dartmoor the views are amazing. It’s hilly but not too hilly! The tracking was great, our supporters loved being able to follow us all the way along.

·12 days ago

This is a beautiful self-nav race, traversing North-South Dartmoor via the Two Moors Way. Dartmoor is a varied landscape, undulating and with valleys, forests, bronze age historic sites (one of which you'll run past) as well as sections of moor. As a novice ultra-runner, I found this a challenging but great experience; having the security of a professional team's oversight is great, given that the moor can be somewhat unpredictable. The RWNN seemed well-organised and the aid stations had what I needed (i.e. cake!). I ran the 2019 event and came back for more in 2021, so that probably says a lot!


Drewsteignton, Devon