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The 90 Minute Dash

Virtual Event

United Kingdom

Sun 6th December 2020

1 race


Organiser's Description

A virtual, hosted treasure hunt for teams of up to 5.

We're all missing our loved ones, so The 90 Minute Dash allows you to join up with those you can't be with physically right now, create a team, and do something really fun together!

We've had team members join from Australia, Mexico, California, Austria and Denmark - as well as all over the UK.

The event starts off with a virtual briefing where you'll be given a list of 60+ things to go and find out on the streets where you are. The clock will start and you'll have 90 minutes to track them down, take a photo and upload them to your Team Sheet.

Each month we challenge you to a different Dash - so keep competing to earn your spot on the leaderboard in a bid to come 2020 Dash-Champions and the ultimate kudos. Suitable for all levels of fitness/runners and walkers.


  • 6th December 10am Start




  • 6th December 10am Start


How It Works

You'll be given a list of 60 items that, between you, you and your team will need to find out on the streets (we use Google Meet for our briefing).

You'll have 90 minutes to find the 50 items take photos of them, and add them to your Team Sheet. Only your legs can get you there. No cycling or driving.

After 90 minutes the clock will stop and you'll no longer be able to add photos to your Team Sheet. Rejoin the Google Meet to speak to other players or just celebrate with the rest of your team. Winners announced via email later in the day.

Examples of treasure to find:
A red door
A green light
A postbox
A building that's at least 200 years old

Once you've finished your mission you can rejoin the Video Briefing crew and tell us how you found your challenge. Then we'll calculate the winners and announce by email later the same day.


The first Dash took place in June and here are a few of the many 5* reviews:

"Loved it. Such a fun event, whole team really enjoyed it. We'll absolutely take part in July and future events. Thanks. Sarah" Sarah, Design My Night review

"Fun and inclusive event. Really easy to follow the instructions and upload photos. A great way to involve all the family in different locations. Can’t wait for the next one!" Michelle, Design My Night review

"A great way for family and friends in different locations to connect. The planning and organising we're excellent and so much fun!" Joy, Design My Night review

"A great event. We loved running found trying to collect the items that are always in plain sight but hard to find when you need them. It really made us more aware of our surroundings and was great fun. Would love to do it again." Matt, Design My Night review

Team Details

Prices are per team and each team can have up to 5 members.

There are prizes for the top team of 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Teammates can be based in different countries, and the event is designed to embrace all speeds of runner and walker (no bikes or vehicles!)- some treasures will be close to your home(s) and others further away - so be tactical.

This is a great way to stay connected to your loved ones at this time and do something different together - so assemble your team, challenge others and LET'S DASH


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