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Wright Hassall Regency 10k

Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

Leamington Spa, England, United Kingdom

Sun 19th September 2021

2 races

£18.00 - £22.00


In the unlikely event that the 2021 race has to be cancelled because of Covid-19 you will be eligible to receive a full refund of your 2021 entry

Regency10k has provided covid-19 safety information for this event.

Organiser's Description

Founded in 2004, this event is organised by volunteers from Leamington Round Table, and supported by Spa Striders and other local groups such as 41 Club and Kids Run Free. Now attracting around 2,500 runners each year, over £350,000 has been raised to date.

Running costs are generously supported by our title sponsor, Wright Hassall - a leading local law firm. Proceeds are used to help local good causes such as the homeless, community youth groups, and school projects.

This event is intended to be inclusive and is open to all ranges of ability and experience; from novices through to club runners. Finish times range from over 1 hour 30 mins down to 32 minutes. Entrant ages range from 15 years (minimum allowed) to some over 75. We also encourage teams to enter e.g. Running Clubs or Corporate, and often have around 70 teams entered. Great for team spirit!


  • 10km
  • 10km

    Affiliated Running Club Entry



  • 10km
  • 10km

    Affiliated Running Club Entry


What's Included

Finishers Medal
Goody Bag


There will be 217 FREE CAR PARKING SPACES at Riverside House off Mill Hill (CV32 5HZ) between 8.00am and 12.30pm. Parking is available on the roads surrounding the start and finish area. Please consider local residents and park only where it is safe and legal to do so. Do not park on the course itself. Be aware that Leamington Spa now has pay parking. Free parking is mostly available south of the river. For more details, visit Warwick District Council parking info.


The event takes place at 9am, Sunday, 19th September 2021, starting at Newbold Terrace East in Leamington Spa and finishing at Mill Gardens, next to Jephson Gardens.

Course Details

The course is a combination of paved surface and bridleways. All the road sections of the course are closed to traffic, making this both a safe and quick course to get around.

* The course starts just off Newbold Terrace East, head East joining this road proper before turning left in to Fernhill Drive, turn right and keep right (poor surface) at the end to join the golf course.
* The course now follows a loop anti-clockwise round the golf course, this is generally a good surface and shouldn’t give you any problems. The course heads generally uphill between kilometres 3 and 4, with some sections steeper than others.
* After a completing a lap, there is a small overlap on the golf course before looping back to come past Newbold Comyn Leisure Centre and re-join Newbold Terrace East.
* Continue down Newbold Terrace East, Newbold Terrace, followed by Dormer Place.
* Adelaide Road is open to traffic, so the route uses the underpass next to the river to get under Adelaide Road.
* Complete a clockwise lap of the Gardens. The route uses the same underpass next to the river to re-cross Adelaide road, but this time continue along the riverside path.
* Cross the river via a footbridge and turn right to run past the pump rooms and in to Jephson gardens.
* Run almost directly through Jephson gardens, turn right along Willes road, the finish is in the field just the other side of the river.


  • Is there baggage storage?

    Simply tear off the numbered strip from your runner’s number and attach to your bag. Then hand in to the Baggage Storage, situated at the finish area in Mill Gardens. Un-tagged bags will not be accepted.

  • Can I give someone else my number/ chip?

    This is forbidden as it affects our timing systems and runner’s results/positions. Anyone caught doing so, will be excluded from this and future races and void any claims to trophies and prize money. For questions about this, please see here.

  • Where are the nearest facilities?

    Temporary toilet cubicles and urinals will be adjacent to the start area

  • Can I wear headphones?

    Due to health and safety concerns the wearing of headphones during the race is not allowed.

  • Can I run with my dog?

    In line with UK Athletics Rules (Rule 240) which govern this event: “Runners must not be accompanied by a personally owned or controlled dog in the race.” NOTE: Entries may be accepted from runners with medical assistance dogs, subject to them being correctly registered and identifiable as such; and subject to approval by the Race Director.

  • Partially sighted / blind runners

    We would like this to be an inclusive event and are happy to offer free entry for runner guides. Please see the Contact Us page and get in touch, so we can help with arrangements.

On the Day

08:00 – Runners start to gather at Newbold Terrace East in Royal Leamington Spa

08:45 – Warm-up comments – line up at the start adjacent to the sign displaying your estimated finish time

09:00 – Race Starts

09.35 – First runners start to arrive at finish line – medals presented as runners finish

10:30 – Prize giving (details further below)

Please arrive in good time for the 9.00am start. We advise arriving between 8.00am and 8.30am.

The race starts at Newbold Terrace East and heads in an anti-clockwise direction around Newbold Comyn (where the golf course used to be), before heading back into Royal Leamington Spa town centre, taking in Victoria Park and Jephson Gardens. The finish area is at Mill Gardens, where you will be greeted by large crowds of spectators.

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Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

19 Sep 2021

£18.00 - £22.00