Ultra X 110 England event image

Ultra X 110 England

Rowter Farm, Castleton, Hope Valley, UK

Sat 14th September 2024 - Sun 15th September 2024

Starting at 07:00

2 races

£306.00 - £340.00

Organiser's Description

Ultra X 110 England is a 110km two day ultramarathon that takes place in the Peak District National Park, an upland area characterised by vast green landscapes, rounded hills, plateaus, valleys, limestone gorges, and gritstone escarpments.

Inhabited from the Mesolithic era, the Peak District has a rich history of agriculture, mining, and quarrying, and is now famous for its spectacular scenery, spa towns, caves, and network of footpaths and cycling trails. With a huge variety of remote terrain, challenging climbs, and stunning upland scenery on offer, the Peak District is one of the best trail running locations in the Country.

Ultra X 50 England (50km race) takes place on the second day (Sunday) of Ultra X 110 England.


  • Ultra X 110 England


    UK Athletics (UKA) save £2.00

    Booking for more than 1?
  • Ultra X 110 England Armed Forces Entry


    UK Athletics (UKA) save £2.00

    Booking for more than 1?


  • Ultra X 110 England


    UK Athletics (UKA) save £2.00

    Booking for more than 1?
  • Ultra X 110 England Armed Forces Entry


    UK Athletics (UKA) save £2.00

    Booking for more than 1?

Course Details

The course takes runners over upland trails, along scenic ridgelines, through wooded forests, past waterfalls, reservoirs, and rushing rivers, and up and over Kinder Scout, the highest point in the Peak District.

What's Included

1. Race entry
2. Campsite during the race (16-17 September)
3. Fully marked course
4. Medical staff on course and at the campsite
5. Osteopathy staff on course and at the campsite
6. Drinking water at checkpoints on course and hot water for preparing food at the campsite
7. Ground assistance and full safety support
8. Digital copies of all images from event photographer
9. UTMB® World Series Qualifier race (100K category)
10. Finisher’s medal

1. Travel to the Peak District
2. Campsite after the race (accommodation at Race HQ on Sunday can be purchased as an add-on at checkout)
3. Return bus transfers from Edale Train Station to Race HQ (can be purchased as an add-on at checkout)
4. Personal food, kit and equipment (see kit list below)
5. Comprehensive insurance (to cover cancellations, loss of items, injury etc)
6. Training costs
7. Spending money
8. Transport home for runners who are disqualified or withdraw early


A parking space for the weekend can be booked when registering online

Race Information Pack

Everything you need to know!

Download here


Friday 13th September
16:00 Campsite and registration open (both 110km and 50km) 19:00 Pasta party
20:00 Race welcome and safety brief
22:00 Registration closes

Saturday 14th September
07:00 110km stage 1 race start 16:00 Registration open (50km runners) 20:00 Registration closes

Sunday 15th September
07:00 110km stage 2 race start 07:30 Registration open (50km runners) 09:00 50km race start
16:00 Prize giving

Monday 16th September
09:00 Campsite checkout

kit list

Mandatory kit list

Download here

cut offs

We have some of the most relaxed cut-offs in the industry. To us, it’s not about what time you get, it’s the adventure you have along the way. On average you will have between 2hrs 30 mins to complete each 10km (in-between checkpoints). Exact race cut-offs can be found in the race information pack.

In the event that you cannot finish a stage at one of our events you will be offered entry into the following edition of the race at half price entry.

the GB Slam

The Great British Slam award is in recognition of those who complete all three GB Ultra X events within a calendar year.

Ultra X Scotland (110 & 50)

Ultra X Wales (110 & 50)

Ultra X England (110 & 50)

In order to be eligible for the award, entrants must enter and finish each of the individual events within the cut-off times of each race. Awards will be presented at the finish line of the final event of the year, Ultra X England

Event Video


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Callum Champain


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