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Virtual Runs & Challenges

Looking to get active with a challenge that you can take part in anywhere and anytime? We’ve put together a comprehensive list of virtual running events.

Virtual running events can be done entirely alone either outdoors or inside on a treadmill without ever setting foot on a start line.

Our carefully curated virtual races are ideal for keeping fit, chasing your PB times or simply looking after your mental health. Whether you're a regular, 5k, 10k or Half Marathon racer or you're taking your first steps as a runner, our calendar of virtual runs offers a range of goals for everyone.

Virtual Runs & Challenges

Virtual Run FAQ's

What is a Virtual Run?

A virtual running event is a race that you can do in any location you choose - at the gym, at home on the treadmill or out by yourself around the block. You can run at your own pace, when you want to and how you want to.

What counts as Race Evidence?

Most Virtual Runs offer a few easy ways to provide evidence that you’ve completed the challenge:

  • Using any one of the popular running apps will allow you to screenshot your achieved distance
  • If you’ve completed the distance on a treadmill you can manually record the activity on your app and screenshot this (Remember - You’re only cheating yourself if you add extra distance!)
  • A photo of your distance of a treadmill or smartwatch/fitness tracker
  • For longer challenges, you can log your runs in a spreadsheet


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