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Connect your site with the UK's biggest listing of endurance sports events

'Find a Race' is the UK's biggest listing of mass-participation sports events. We list thousands of events, from little known 5k's to the latest extreme adventures creating a buzz. As part of our mission to make it easier to find events that take your fancy, we're offering to share our event data - for free.

Most simply, this can take the form of a 'widget'. If you have your own site and would like to make it easier for your site visitors to find races and events, we can supply you with a bespoke race-finding widget. For an example of what this looks like here are a few live examples:

- Blog: The Allrounder

- Health and Fitness: NHS Choices

- Retailer: The Sports Edit

The widgets allow an initial search to be done on your site, with the results returned in a new window on Find a Race. The data can be tailored to your audience, so the search can be for runs, rides, triathlons, or everything. You can specify the location too, for example runs within 25 miles of London or sportives in Yorkshire. They are also fully responsive so fit on any size screen.

The background image can be chosen by you or supplied by us, or a solid colour to match your site. For example:


Want something more bespoke?

If you're a publisher, an app or commercial website, you might need something a bit more sophisticated. There are other options beside widgets, such as iframes, which keep the initial search results on your site, embedded in a frame. For example, the events pages of TriRadar. Json feeds are also an option that have proved good for powering apps.

To find out more about any of these options, please drop us an email.

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