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Forget the resolutions. Take on a challenge.

I’m not big on resolutions. I’ve never really seen the point. I do however like a challenge, and even more so a challenge with no particular reason.

So I have challenged myself to run 1 mile a day for the month of December. I think I got the idea from a primary school in Scotland I saw on TV recently (where all great ideas come from) and it seems to be gaining some momentum in various walks of life. Some have taken it a step further and run a mile every day all year round, but first things first.

There are apparently loads of reasons why this is supposedly good for you – building a habit, building stamina, building muscle strength – and some even say that it is more effective to your running fitness than doing 3 or 4 long runs a week. But I am doing it for no reason whatsoever. Just something to do whilst the days get colder and wetter and to get through December with some feeling of accomplishment.

By coincidence, just after I had decided to do this challenge, we got a call from James at Advent Running who started a similar thing in 2014 which proved to be very popular. Their goal is to run for a minimum of 30 minutes a day, each day, between the 1st and the 25th of December, and last year over 1,400 people from all over the world got involved. Take a look at their website for more details.

But I will be sticking with my mile challenge as it sounds like it should be fairly easy. Kind of like another festive challenge I did once - the ‘shot-of-beer-a-minute-for-an-hour’ or the 'Power Hour' as it is sometimes called. I did that quite easily, but I did end up exceedingly drunk, funnily enough.

But anyway... even at my usual slow pace it is only about 8 or 9 minutes of running, and if I get my foot down it could be a couple of minutes quicker than that. So less than 20 minutes out of the day from warm up to shower down, and who hasn't got time to do that? Whether I can get out of bed 20 minutes earlier in the morning, or be bothered to go out in the cold and the dark when I get home in the evening is what I know will be potential stumbling blocks.

So in true festive spirit we invite you all to join in. Either with my 1 mile challenge or with Advent Runnings 30 minutes a day until Christmas. The more the merrier. And as an extra incentive we will send one of our new and rather fetching Find a Race wrist bands to anyone who successfully completes the challenge. And you never know, you might end up exceedingly good at running, even if only for a mile.

Seasons Greetings.

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