Spartan Kids 11

Obstacle Racing for families

We asked Spartan Race's Kids Lead, Louise Ballantyne, for some advice for children and their families taking on their first OCR.

Wear the right kit.
Don't wear your best clothes. Kids (and big kids!) love getting muddy and wet so we wouldn't recommend wearing your brand new trainers. Dig out some old gym or outdoor gear and wear trainers with decent grip. Make sure you're warm enough; we'd recommend layering with base layers and T-shirts rather than your cosiest hoodie though, which will allow you to add more if you're cold, or take a layer off if we're lucky enough for a sunny race day! Bring a rucksack with a change of clothes and shoes just in case. Make sure you check out the merchandise tent after your race for the latest Spartan gear for all the family.

Eat and hydrate.
It's so important before any race, workout or physical activity that you are fuelled correctly and a Spartan Race is no different. Make sure that in the days leading up to the event, you're keeping well hydrated with water or squash. Make sure you eat before the event but make sure you leave around 90 mins before you run to ensure it is digested. We suggest porridge and fruit for breakfast for it's slow release energy. Look out for our aid stations on course to top up on water and healthy snacks during the race, or if you can wait until finish line, we have Happy Monkey Smoothies and Emily Crisps to refuel you. In the festival area, we also have a range of healthy food and drinks vendors, so fill up, stretch off, chill out and watch the rest of the race.

Train hard. 
Our kids races range from 1km - 4km and our adult races range from 5km - 40km so there is something for everyone. Whatever your fitness level or ability, you can take on the challenge. To train for a Spartan Race, we recommend running, bodyweight exercises and strength training. Our top tips would be to improve grip strength and practise your burpees. Spartans do 30 burpees a day, and the movement uses every major muscle group. Not only that, if you fail an obstacle on the day, you will be ready to take on the burpee penalty!

Tell your friends and family. 
Spartan Race really does provide fun for all the family. Even if they don't want to race, bring them along to spectate, show them your photos (available online for free after your race) and encourage them to train like a Spartan. You never know, by doing this, you may end up with the biggest team next time. We also require volunteers at our races so if they want a slice of the action without breaking a sweat, they will receive a free race pass for use in the future.

Encourage everyone.
Spartans never leave anyone behind. They encourage each other, help them physically and mentally and enjoy the challenge together. The range of obstacles means everyone will have their strengths and weaknesses, so support others to achieve because you never know when you might need the support returned. The Spartan community is a friendly and helpful one. Make the most of the experience and most of all, have a lot of fun doing so!

Sign up!
Check out our website to find out about an event near you. We have races in 6 UK and Ireland locations so you're never too far away from a perfect family day out. You can also register online, or just turn up and see one of our friendly staff members on registration. You can use the code ‘UPRISING2018’ for 20% off a kids race.

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