Nuclear Fallout

Kelvedon Hatch, Essex

Organiser's Description

Fallout is our Nuclear Winter beast… The one you need to train for – take it for granted and it’ll bite you. It’s our last event of the year on our permanent site with our award winning, old favourites and new obstacles on 7k & 12k courses. Nuclear courses are thoughtfully designed to be challenging, fun and achievable for all ages & every fitness ability.

Expect 70+ natural and man-made obstacles on the 12k & 50+ on 7k over undulating farmland, in woodland, lakes, bogs and through our award winning #lovemud – duck-taping your trainers on isn’t a bad idea! Mild hypothermia isn’t uncommon – cuts, bruises, scrapes and sores are all abundant, but all part of the survivor experience.



7 km, 12 km