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The Bristol 5k and 10k Winter Warmer Run event image

The Bristol 5k and 10k Winter Warmer Run

The Bristol 5k and 10k Winter Warmer Run event image The Bristol 5k and 10k Winter Warmer Run event image The Bristol 5k and 10k Winter Warmer Run event image The Bristol 5k and 10k Winter Warmer Run event image

The Bristol 5k and 10k Winter Warmer Run

Bristol, Avon

Ashton Court Estate, Bristol, BS41 9, United Kingdom

Sun 11th February 2024

Starting at 10:00

2 races


Organiser's Description

A chance to lace up those shoes, get motivated, focus on training during winter and run this awesome 5k or 10k running event with us.

There will be loads of great entry benefits including full race chip timing, a super cool medal, snacks, drinks, some surprise goodies and a load of fun, smiles and support along the way. So come on, let's do this. Secure your place today!

Our Winter Warmer Runs are proud to support the Charity Shelter and our goal is to help raise awareness and funds for them.


  • 5 Km


  • 10 Km




  • 5 Km


  • 10 Km



Course Details

The course is mainly trail and has some hilly sections. The location is stunning and offers some amazing views over Bristol

What's Included

There will be loads of great entry benefits including full race chip timing, a super cool medal, snacks, drinks, some surprise goodies and a load of fun, smiles and support along the way.

  • Stunning medal
  • Full race chip timing
  • Trophies
  • Snacks
  • Drinks
  • Partner offers
  • Spot prizes

How to Get There

The event hub is just up from the Church Lodge Carpark on the grass section.


There is very limited parking in and around the park. If driving please uset the Church Lodge Carpark and avoid using the main one so it’s free for other users. Please be sure to plan your journey to arrive on time. To help as much as possible try and travel with family, friends or colleagues or leave the car at home.


Do you have any age restrictions / can children take part?

Absolutely! We typically allow children of all ages to take part in all our events (unless specific information is given for a set event). Please note that children remain the responsibility of their parents/guardian throughout our events. If the parent/guardian is satisfied the child/children can confidently run 5k or 10k unaccompanied they may do so, with a parent/guardian remaining onsite at all times.

Can I run with a buggy?

Yes this is typically ok for most locations however please check the run route course as some locations can be a mix of path, trail, grass so not always suitable for running with a buggy. Also please try and stay to the left as much as possible to give room for other runners. (this is allowed at running events but not triathlon, please see last faq for more info)

Can I walk / do you have a cut off time to complete the event in?

We typically have a cut off time of 1.5 hours to complete the 5k/10k races from when the event starts. 3 hours for half marathons. Walking part of a 5k event is typically fine but the 10k races are mostly for running (with a bit of walking/jogging if necessary!). If doing a virtual run you have the luxury of completing your event anytime, anywhere and for however long throughout the given event period!

Can I wear headphones?

Yes we do allow this but please note it is your responsibility to make sure you can hear what's going on around you when running, including marshals and general public. Please keep the volume at a level whereby you can hear any important announcements that may be made. (this is allowed at running events but not triathlon, please see last faq for more info)


The housing crisis isn't about houses - it's about people. The lack of safe, secure and affordable homes is affecting people across the whole country. More than three million families could be one paycheck away from losing their home

Some stats:

Every day, 110 families in England become homeless

Every 13 minutes, another family in England becomes homeless

Please note fundraising is completely optional and there's no requirement to do so however if you decide to support Shelter, there is no minimum fundraising target, just raise what you can.

arrival & registration

Our Bristol 5k and 10k Winter Warmer Run starts at 10am with the 10k going off first at 10am and then the 5k at 10.10am

Registration will be open from 8.00am and will close at 9.50am so please arrive nice and early.

PLEASE NOTE you will collect your race pack at registration on the day of the event.

Race information will be sent by email pre-event and all your race details can be found within your online profile. Once registered login to check race updates, news, partner offers and more.

You will be using our Chip on Bib race numbers and it is important these are displayed on your outer garment to ensure 1) We can see your race number when running and 2) To help with the timing system to read your time.

Bag storage is available at the event however space is limited so travel as lightly as possible.

Toilets will be within the event hub and ensure you go with plenty of time to spare to avoid long queues.

Coffee and snacks will be available for sale within the event hub

the event

The run will kick off at 10am

Please note that the start of the run will be staggered to avoid too much congestion on the towpaths. However this will not affect your time as our Results Base timing team will record your time from when you cross the starting mat.

There will be marshals around the course to support and encourage you.

Please take care when running around the course as this is public land and local residents will be out and about. Please always stay on the left unless otherwise guided.

If wearing headphones please make sure you can hear other people around you and marshal instructions.

after the event

Everyone will receive a medal and there are also a few trophies that are up for grabs.

Results will be displayed on our Results Base Timing screen so after crossing the finish line you can check out your instant results.

These go live to our website and you will receive an email update once the race is over.

Drinks and sweets will be available at the finish line along with any other goodies from our event partners.

Event Video


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5 reviews


·2 months ago

All good

·a year ago

Great course and well-marshalled. Not enough toilets meant still lengthy queues when the race was due to start. Coffee stall disappointing, overpriced and very short drinks. Enjoyed the event, however facilities need improving to enhance the all round experience.

·a year ago

Good route, a little narrow at times for volume of runners. Quite hilly for around 2-3k of each 5k lap so not a course to get your PB on. Facilities ok, not enough toilets pre race.

·4 years ago

Well organised and fun. Was a great run in beautiful countryside. Wasn’t quite prepared for the hills and was a bit muddy but lovely all the same!! Well marshalled by friendly encouraging team. Nice goodies after and the running buff kept my neck warm when waiting to start

·4 years ago

Incredible. The event was well organised. Knowing exactly which direction runners had to go. The atmosphere was incredible the marshals had happy faces and were cheering everyone on the whole time. It was simple an incredible feeling.

Who's In

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Dominic Rogers

Hayley Worley

Luke Phillips


Bristol, Avon

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