The Pierrepont Plod - Summer 2024 event image

The Pierrepont Plod - Summer 2024

The Pierrepont Plod - Summer 2024 event image The Pierrepont Plod - Summer 2024 event image The Pierrepont Plod - Summer 2024 event image

The Pierrepont Plod - Summer 2024

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

National Water Sports Centre, Nottingham, NG2 5, United Kingdom

Sun 11th August 2024

Starting at 09:00

1 race


Organiser's Description

The Pierrepont Plod is a six-hour challenge on a looped course around the amazing Holme Pierrepont Country Park and Watersports center in Nottingham.

You may attempt to complete as many laps as possible over the full six hours, or you may choose to finish just one, the choice is yours and you don't have to decide how far you're running until you're running! This is also a perfect course if you’re aiming for a PB as it’s almost perfectly flat.

Each lap is almost spot on 5.46km long which means if you complete 4 laps you have done a half marathon, and 8 laps will be classed as a Marathon and 9 an Ultra. You can finish your event at any time within the six hours, and as long as you have completed one lap then you will be classed as a finisher.

At Rasselbock we like to put on events how we'd like to have them. No stress, pressure, a great bunch of runners, and a small entry pool so everyone can meet each other. You can decide on the day how far you'd like to run so there is no worries if you're having a "bad running day". Just complete one lap of the event and you're classed as a finished.


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Course Details

** NOTE ** The route may change due to it being the Summer Holidays at the park. If this happens we will inform you via email but the length and elevation change will likely be almost identical.


The course will take you from the end of the Regatta Lake, up and around the white water rapids (don’t worry you won’t need to go in them!), heading onwards into the secluded wetlands towards the and of the lake before turning and making your way down the lake’s edge to the Race HQ again. Sprinting is optional for this part!

The event will be taking place on and around an active watersports center that will still be open to the public. Runners will not have the right of way and we will need to be considerate to all the other users of the area, be it walkers, sailers, dog walkers, kayakers, etc, when passing through any of the “activity areas” of the site. The main area we ask you to be alert at is when you run around the white water rapids area as this will still be used by the public.

There will be some public toilets that will be open for our use (from 8 am) located at the boathouse. This is roughly 250m away from the Race HQ at the end of the lake.

Route Map >>

What's Included

You'll receive your pre-race briefing via email roughly ten days before the event date that will be packed full of all of the information that you may need to know. The event will have full first aid supplied by Nottingham Search and Rescue.

  • Full onsite first aid
  • Bespoke medal
  • Goody bag
  • Fully signposted route
  • Huge fully stocked aid staion at race HQ
  • All the snacks and drinks that you could imagine
  • Amazing support from Team Rasselbock and other runners

How to Get There

As you approach the water center on Adbolton Lane you’ll come to a split in the road. Here you’ll need to take the left-hand split and follow the signs to Park access. Continuing on this lane you will pass the corner of the boating lake on your right-hand side and shortly after you’ll pass through into the two graveled car parking areas. Public Transport is available although you will have to check on the timings closer to race day.


There is ample parking available onsite and is charged at a flat rate of £5 per car for the day. As always we encourage people to car share or use public transport as much as possible when coming to our events. Make sure that you post in the Rasselbock Facebook Group if you are able or are looking for someone to car share with.


To get to the start line from the car park, you’ll want to exit from the bottom of the car park and cross over the road that you came in on. Pass the playground on your right-hand side and head towards the lake. You should spot the gazebo and flags on the large area of grass by the lakeside.


  • Where are the Terms and Conditions of the event?

    They can be found at

  • Age restrictions

    Unfortunately, we do not allow under 12’s to participate in any live event. If you are between the ages of 12 and 18 then we will need a parent or guardian to contact us before signing up so that we can advise them on how to register your place. Even though we are not a part of the UKA we still abide by their rules which means that the following ages are limited to the following distances. Over 12 years – under 14 years – 5,000 metres Over 14 years – under 16 years – 6,000 metres Over 16 years – under 17 years – 10,000 metres Over 17 years – under 18 years – 25,000 metres Over 18 years – under 20 years – 45,000 metres

Where do I register/ pick up my race number?

You’ll be able to pick up your race number on the morning of the event at the aid station/start line. The park will be open from 8am, and you’ll be able to grab your race numbers from 8.20 onwards. Please allow yourself enough time to grab your number before the race briefing at 8:50 am and the start of the run at 9am.

is there a time limit?

There is a time limit of 6 hours for this event. This means that you need to have completed your final lap before the end of the 6 hours for it to be counted towards your final distance. You will not be allowed to start another lap of the course with less than 20 minutes of the event remaining. Each lap is almost spot on 5km long which means if you complete 5 laps you have done a half marathon, and 9 laps will be classed as an Ultra. You can finish your event at any time within the six hours, and as long as you have completed one lap then you will be classed as a finished.

is there an aid station?

We will have a fully stocked aid station at base camp full of all your favorite items, although if you are expecting energy tablets, gels, and supplements, you may need to bring your own as our aid station tends to lean towards the more “enjoyable fuel”. Imagine Fudge, cakes, cookies, and jelly babies along with all the savory alternatives.

Can I bring my own food and drink for the aid station?
You are more than welcome to bring your own food and drink to the aid station. We will have a separate table for these so please make sure that your bottles or items are clearly labeled so that no one takes them by accident!

what should i bring?

We would recommend either road or trail shoes for this route, mainly due to it taking place in March and, let’s face it, there is a high chance that it’ll be cold and wet! So please make sure that you wear and bring with you adequate layers to keep yourself warm throughout the race and just as importantly, once you finish. Like all of our events going forward, we will be operating a bring your own bottle policy. We will not be supplying plastic cups or drinks receptacles at this event so that we can cut down on waste and do our part to help the environment. You will be required to bring your own water bottle, collapsable cup, or similar to the event. We will still have an array of liquids available for you to top up your bottles with at our well-stocked aid station!


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6 reviews


·7 days ago

A great event. Very well organised. Everyone from the marshalls, to the sweet shop lady, to the runners, to the guy who scans the QR code were very friendly. Also a lovely place to do an ultra marathon. See you all next time!

·10 months ago

Excellent race, really well organised, passing race HQ for snacks each lap was fabulous and certainly keeps you going for more laps. Highly recommended event.

·10 months ago

Brilliant location. Organisers were absolutely great and very helpful. Food station was fantastic. We just walked round for 6hours due to injuries but enjoyed every loop!! Thanks for a great event!!

·a year ago

Awesome course for my first marathon distance! Mostly flat and was great weather. Excellent organisation, marshalling and motivation. Would strongly recommend.

·a year ago

Great event with friendly staff and community. Will 100% be returning to this and other events Thanks guys

·2 years ago

Great event. Lots of support from the Marshalls etc Really good medal and goody bag.
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Manjushri Kanawade


Adam Swinden

Debbie Hobbs

Jack Vickers

Pete Smith

Wilfred J Fleming


Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

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