Rasselbock Running

Here at Rasselbock we love organizing events that we'd want to take part in ourselves. Be it with unique and different styles of events that haven't been seen before, to simply run and submit events with some massive medals!

What do people love about our events?

The medals are top quality, large and unique.
We plant five trees for every event you sign up for.
We raise thousands for charity every year.
The packaging is "The best out there. You'll never have a medal arrive more beautifully packaged".

Starting in 2022 we will be organizing in-person events around the Midlands that will be enjoyable, fun, and no stress it finishing within a cutoff. The majority of the events looped courses with a 6-hour cut-off window. Complete as many laps as you'd like, although you need only complete one to be classed as a finisher!

We are a new small company and every person who signs up feels like part of our little family. We'd love to have you on board.


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