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The Two'r Ultra The Two'r Ultra The Two'r Ultra The Two'r Ultra The Two'r Ultra The Two'r Ultra The Two'r Ultra

The Two'r Ultra

Bridport, Dorset

Stonebarrow Manor, Stonebarrow Lane, Bridport, DT6 6RA, United Kingdom

Fri 2nd December 2022 - Mon 5th December 2022

Starting at 17:00

Organiser's Description

164 miles and 24,000+ feet of elevation over the Jurassic Coast Path

Two'R Ultra is 164 mile out-and-back course with over 24,000 feet of elevation over the Jurassic Coast Path. With no outside assistance allowed and a strict 60 hour cut-off, this is an extremely tough event held in the middle of the UK winter!


  • The Two'r Ultra


    164 Mile Out-And-Back Course



  • The Two'r Ultra


    164 Mile Out-And-Back Course


What's Included

• Timing and GPS Tracking
• Event Hoody and Medal
• Checkpoints with staff along the route. Some will have hot food and a place to sleep. Some will be less luxurious…
• Medics and event sweep van
• Event photography


There is parking at the start/finish point, but this is NOT included in your entry fee - more information to follow on parking.


Stone Barrow Bunkhouse, Stonebarrow Lane, Charmouth, Bridport DT6 6RA

Course Details

164 miles and 24,000+ feet of elevation over the brutal Jurassic Coast Path!


  • Where are the main CPs (checkpoints)? - These will have somewhere to sleep and hot food available.

    Portland - mile 30 and 130 Lulworth - mile 55 and 110 Between Swanage and Studland - TBC There will be other pop-up check points along the route (with basic food and hot drinks), but these will be confirmed nearer the event.

  • Can I have support?

    No. You must only rely on yourself and the CP support from the event.

  • Can I use poles?


  • Can I have Drop Bags at Check Points?

    You are allowed small, individual CP bags. Label them clearly and place them in the numbered boxes at registration. It is your responsibility to place them in the correct boxes, they will not be checked.

  • Are there UTMB qualifying points available?

    6 UTMB points

  • What are the rules?

    • Follow the route as closely as possible. • No littering - if you are caught dropping rubbish, you will be DQ'd. • You must wear your high viz and red tail light at sundown. • You must carry ALL the items on the kit list (if you are caught without it, you will be pulled from the event). • NO OUTSIDE SUPPORT

  • What happens if I need to pull out?

    Call the race director and we will arrange for you to be picked up. Please do not leave a main CP if you feel that you are unlikely to make it to the finish.


Friday 16:00: Kit check and registration opens (no earlier than)

Friday 16:45: Kit check and registration closes

Friday 16:50: Compulsory briefing

Friday 17:00: The event starts

Saturday 2300: Studland turn point cut off (30 hours)

Monday 0500: Full event cut off (60 hours)

Mandatory Kit List

• Fully charged phone with race director number in (burner style - your smart phone will not last the duration)
• Waterproof coat and trousers with taped seams
• Waterproof hat
• Buff
• Thermal jacket
• 2 pairs of gloves - one of which should be waterproof
• Two head torches and spare batteries
• Rear rear light (one on the back of head torch is acceptable)
• Capacity to carry 1.5L of water
• Emergency food (1000cals)
• Extra warm layer of long sleeve top and long trousers
• Emergency long sleeved top and trousers in a waterproof bag (this is as well as the above long sleeved top and bottoms)
• Whistle
• High Vis vest or band
• Collapsible cup
• Blister and basic first aid kit
• Survival blanket (see below for type)

This is an extremely arduous event and you will need to have a balance of carrying enough kit to ensure you are warm enough and have decent supplies to make good forward progress. There will be long, hard sections where you will not have any outside support and will need to rely on what you carry to survive. Do not underestimate the weather on the coast path during the winter as it can be as extreme as being in the mountains.

The mandatory kit list is what you HAVE to carry, but use your own experience and common sense to know what YOU need to carry in order to finish the race safely.

  • Extra kit: These are not mandatory, but you may want to consider adding: Cooker, matches, lighter or flint, Battery pack for charging items, Dehydrated meal, Bivy bag and liner
Survival blanket

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·6 months ago

The idea is nuts: Run 80+ miles along the coastline, covering ups, downs, gravel, mud, wind and dark. Then run all the way back again! Event is run by people who dream big. They are also supportive of all abilities. If you are not sure about entering this event then do. Trackers keep an eye on you and the support points are welcoming with hot food and drinks. [Your support bags will be waiting for you as well.] A great part of the country that deserves to be visited. Did I mention the dark? Race starts at 5pm in December…


Bridport, Dorset

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