Knowsley Parkrun



The course is 5000m (5K) long. The course is in Stadt Moers Park, Whiston, Prescot, Liverpool. The course is run on a mixture of tarmac paths, blocked paving, grass and trail paths . Some sections of the course may accumulate mud, leaves and puddles after rain. Dependent on availability, marshals will be at key sections of the course, or signs will be in place.

Course Description

The course is a 2 lap anti-clockwise route, starting & finishing on the main central path in Stadt Moers park. Heading south initially on wide tarmac paths, you head slightly down hill towards the lake, before turning left at the first marshal point & proceed along the tree covered tarmac path behind the lake. At the end of this path you turn left onto the field section by the second course marshal. Heading north now across the field, you keep to the right of the trees in the middle, before heading for the maker post on the opposite side of the field. A short trail path will lead you to the third marshal point, where they will guide you to turn right. You then proceed north again along an undulating trail path up towards the top right hand corner of the park, where you will turn right onto the block paved road, guided again by course marshal four. Keep to the right on this path before the turnaround point at marshal position five, where you turn 180 degrees left before heading back down the hill. Keep right initially as you pass other runners coming in the opposite direction, before following the path as it sweeps downhill on a long right hand bend. At the bottom of this hill you turn immediate left onto a narrower tarmac path, which leads you up a short incline to the highest point of the route. Continue along this path until you reach the short steep hill section leading back down to the main path. At this point, you will be guided left, back along the main path to the centre of the park. You will then repeat the same route for the 2nd lap before finishing in the same location as the start line.


There are no public facilities in the park at present.

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