ISEH Regent's Park 10K, 5K & 2.5K Run event image

ISEH Regent's Park 10K, 5K & 2.5K Run

Regents Park, London, England, United Kingdom

Sun 23rd June 2024

Starting at 09:00

4 races

£15.00 - £65.00

Organiser's Description

The Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health (ISEH) 5K and 10K run returns for a 10th year within the iconic surroundings of London’s Regents Park. The run is a great way to get active, something which we are passionate about here at the ISEH. 

This year, you can choose either a 2.5K, 5K or 10K route which will be chip timed and fully signed and marshalled. The route is flat so ideal for all ages and fitness levels. You don’t have to run; you can walk or jog on your own or with friends, family (including children) and colleagues, and enjoy the park's amazing scenery.

All finishers will receive a free t-shirt and medal so sign up today and let’s all get active! Participants can choose to donate directly to the UCLH Charity at the same time of signing up if they wish to do so.

The ISEH is a partnership between UCLH (University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust), HCA Healthcare UK, UCL, the English Institute of Sport and the British Olympic Association, and we are a major legacy project from the London 2012 Olympics, set-up to provide excellence in sports performance and injury management. We support elite athletes across all sports but are proud to be able to offer the same support and injury care to recreational sports participants and play a proactive role in improving the broader health of the nation. So, whether you wish to race, have a casual run, or walk through this event, we are just happy to be able to help you in leading a more active life. 

For event updates and future promotions, follow ISEH on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


  • Adults


    Booking for more than 1?
  • U16'S


    Booking for more than 1?
  • Family Bundle


    2 Adults and 2 U16'S

  • Team Relay - 10K



  • Adults


    Booking for more than 1?
  • U16'S


    Booking for more than 1?
  • Family Bundle


    2 Adults and 2 U16'S

  • Team Relay - 10K


What's Included

All finishers will receive a medal and t-shirt

  • T-shirt
  • Medals
  • Chip-timing
  • Bag Drop
  • Water Station


The Regent's Park,

event details

This event will not be licensed.

Bib Numbers
Bib numbers are available for collection at the event only, participants should not expect to receive anything by mail.

Results will be uploaded live to our website (internet connection permitting) and communicated to all pre-registered participants within 24 hours of the event.

All finishers will receive a medal and t-shirt.


Medical Cover
Suitable medical cover is provided at our events in case of a medical emergency.

Bag Drop
Whilst we recommend bringing as little as possible, participants can leave essential belongings with us using the tear-off baggage strip on their bib.

Event images are expected to be available, usually within 24 hours of the event.

Water Stations
Water will be available on route, passed once on the 5K, twice on the 10K.

Park toilets will be available for use throughout the event which require a (contactless only) payment of 20p.

Changing Rooms/Showers
There are no dedicated changing rooms/showers.

other information

This event is suitable for wheelchair users. Any participants wishing to compete with specialised equipment are asked to contact us before entering to ensure we can accommodate any additional requirements.

Buggies, Pushchairs and Strollers
This event is suitable for buggies, pushchairs, strollers (or similar).

Spectators are permitted at this event.

Noise-cancelling earphones/headphones are prohibited and, whilst we discourage the use of other earphones/headphones in running events, participants choosing to use them should ensure they are set to a low enough volume that instructions from event officials can be clearly understood.

Participants must not be accompanied by a personally owned or controlled dog during an event. Entries may be accepted from participants with medical assistance dogs, subject to them being correctly registered and identifiable as such, and subject to prior approval by the Event Director.


Verified Purchase

A 'verified' purchase review means that we've verified that the person writing the review purchased their entry to this race on

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  • 4
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  • 1


2 reviews


·7 months ago

Great race and very well organized. Was visiting from the US and saw this race and could not resist. Great location, great communication and met many wonderful people! Thank you for everything. I would recommend future ISEH races to anyone!

·8 months ago

An enjoyable and well organised event in lovely surroundings. Organisers coped well with the very hot conditions, and there were plenty of drinks and snacks afterwards
Thanks a lot Terry for your kind words :)
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