Race The Machine Running Challenge 2023

Dundee, Angus

United Kingdom

Wed 1st March 2023 - Sun 31st December 2023

2 races

£16.50 - £18.50

Organiser's Description

Are you looking for a different kind of challenge in 2023? Enter Race The Machine and you will be given time targets to beat for 4 distances (Red Challenge) or 6 distances (Black Challenge). From London to Inverness 150+ entrants have already signed up in 2023!

Why enter Race The Machine?
Running to beat personal, achievable time targets over 4 or 6 races in 2023 provides motivation and a real sense of satisfaction. The Machine is a great training partner for all abilities. You will also receive a quality black Race The Machine buff/snood (made from recycled plastic bottles), as soon as you complete the black challenge (win/lose or draw). Alternatively if you enter the 4 distance Red Challenge, you will receive a red Race The Machine buff, (also made from plastic bottles), on entry.

Step 1 – Enter a challenge
⏱️ Enter a Race The Machine challenge and provide an accurate prediction of how long it would take you to complete 5 kilometres at your current level of fitness at checkout.

Step 2 – Receive
Red Challenge
⏱️ Receive your target times to beat for 1500 Metres (0.93 Miles), 3 Kilometres (1.86 Miles), 5 Miles (8.04 Kilometres) and 10 Kilometres (6.21 miles).

Black Challenge
⏱️ Receive your target times to beat for 1500 Metres (0.93 Miles), 3 Kilometres (1.86 Miles), 5 Miles (8.04 Kilometres), 10 Kilometres (6.21 miles), 10 Miles (16.09 Kilometres), (and a Half Marathon (21.09 Kilometres/13.10 miles).

Your times to beat are personal to you and calculated from the 5K estimate you provide. Each target time is calculated from your previous result for a totally personal and achievable challenge.

You will join the ‘Black Buff Club’ as soon as you have completed all 6 distances in 2023 and uploaded your results or you will receive a red buff on entry to the red challenge. 10% of Race The Machine profits in 2023 will be donated to Race The Machine causes.

Step 3 – Race
🏆 Get out there and Race The Machine! You can choose where and when you do this as long as you complete all 4/6 races in 2023. For example you can Race The Machine on your local streets, in a race, at the track, or even on a treadmill. Just remember to record all your results on a running app (Garmin, Strava etc), or on your watch. You then submit your results to The Machine.

Step 4 – Submit
📱After you have finished your races, submit your results. Your times will then be added to the Race The Machine Times & Results Table.

How hard is the Race The Machine Black Running Challenge?
The challenge starts with an easy/moderate target time for your first race, and gets slightly tougher at each distance, building to a more challenging finale. However, all 4/6 target times are achievable and personal to you. It is therefore important that you provide an accurate starting 5K time.

A virtual race?
Race The Machine is not a virtual race, or is it? It is definitely different from the usual virtual running race. As the founder and former chairperson of a running club; the aim is to provide motivation and a real sense of achievement to runners of all abilities through achievable, personal time targets. For the most up to date entry fees and to view the leaderboards visit racethemachine.co.uk It would be great to have you with us in 2023!

Michael – Race The Machine Founder

“Race The Machine is a fantastic event, and very well run. The Tech TShirt I also bought is great quality!!” Stuart – Balloch

“Not a literal race against a robot uprising, but a way to challenge yourself and chase after times that are challenging but realistic. It’s always better when running with others, even virtually, so give it a whirl…” Mark – Church Crookham

“Always quick to respond to any questions.” Ruth – Northampton

“It’s thanks to Michael and this event that made me think I can run 26.2 and the worlds biggest marathon. Give this challenge a go, hard yes but well worth it.” John – Derby


  • Race the Machine – 2023 Red Running Challenge


    All Abilities Welcome

    Booking for more than 1?
  • Race the Machine – 2023 Black Running Challenge


    Motivation and a Real Sense of Satisfaction

    Booking for more than 1?


  • Race the Machine – 2023 Red Running Challenge


    All Abilities Welcome

    Booking for more than 1?
  • Race the Machine – 2023 Black Running Challenge


    Motivation and a Real Sense of Satisfaction

    Booking for more than 1?

What's Included

Running to beat personal & achievable time targets provides motivation and a real sense of satisfaction. Enter the Race The Machine Red or Black Running Challenge and you will be provided with achievable & personal time targets to beat over 4 or 6 distances. Complete all 6 distances to join the "Black Buff Club."

  • Complete a unique challenge in 2023
  • Personal time & achievable targets for you
  • Races from 1500 Metres to Half Marathon
  • Buffs - not medals (made from recycled plastic bottles).
  • All abilities can take part and succeed
  • 10% of profits in 2023 will be donated to good causes
  • Red buff/snood on entry to the Red Challenge (recycled)
  • Black buff/snood on completion of the Black Challenge (recycled)
  • You have the whole of 2023 to complete the challenge
  • Just provide your current 5K time to start


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Michael Loudon


Leonard Dixon

Tobias Whittaker


Dundee, Angus

1 Mar 2023

£16.50 - £18.50

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