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Shropshire Run 2023

Ellesmere, Shropshire

SY12 0PA Sandy Lane, Ellesmere, United Kingdom

Sun 4th June 2023

Starting at 08:00

3 races

£40.00 - £70.00

Organiser's Description

With the UK ULTIMATE WEEKEND you can take part in one, two, or all three disciplines, so as always, there is something for everyone and the opportunity to take home one, two, or three of our jigsaw medals!

Just want to take on the run? Then you're on the right page.

SUNDAY is the UK ULTIMATE RUN. You can go full marathon in the Ultimate 26.2 miles, Half marathon 13.1 miles, or the Quarter distance of 6.5 miles.

This is a weekend-long swim, cycle, and run challenge for all abilities from novice to first timer, as well as being a race for the more serious athlete and age group triathlete with prizes and trophies on offer for completing all three disciplines.

Every competitor will receive an individual medal for each of the swim, cycle, and run disciplines and those taking on the full ULTIMATE WEEKEND CHALLENGE will receive a commemorative T-shirt.


  • Ultimate Run 4th June


  • Ultimate 1/2 Run 4th June


  • Ultimate 1/4 Run 4th June




  • Ultimate Run 4th June


  • Ultimate 1/2 Run 4th June


  • Ultimate 1/4 Run 4th June




The Mere, Cremorne Gardens, Ellesmere SY12 0PA

Course Details

This lapped run course on road, path and grass.

Aid stations approximately every 2 miles.

UK Ultimate Run x 4 laps.

UK Ultimate 1/2 Run x 2 laps.

UK Ultimate ¼ Run x1 lap.


  • What are the minimum participant ages?

    Quarter 16 years Half 17 years Full 18 years

  • What is the cut off time?


start Times

Full from 8.30am

Half from 9.15am

Quarter from 8am

race day information

Full and up-to-date 2023 competitor race day information with your race number and start time will be emailed to you 7-10 days before the event.

WE DO NOT POST ANYTHING OUT - you will collect your race numbers, tattoos, stickers etc. at registration on the day.

Please take some time to read all the event information, it will make it far more enjoyable for you and reduce the need to ask questions over the weekend.


Verified Purchase

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·10 months ago

Shocked that the race still went ahead with such high temperatures of 31 degrees. Think it should have been postponed as it’s a shame people had to miss out on the chance to run it along with the £40 you pay to run it.
Hi Kathryn, unfortunately, as it was such short notice we could not postpone the event. After seeking the advice of the medical team, we were advised to not go ahead with the full marathon but the half and quarter were safe to continue.
UK Triathlon

Who's In

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Paul Holt

Lissy Griffiths

Ronnie Brown


Ellesmere, Shropshire

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