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10k Runs in Yorkshire 2024 - 2025

Find A Race is the UK's most comprehensive event listings site and the best place to find 10k Races in 2024 - 2025 around Yorkshire, including 10k Runs near Leeds, Sheffield, Hull and York. Check out our list of 10k races near you below.

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Race Calendar: 10k Runs in Yorkshire


Darlington, County Durham
10 Mar 24
£26.00 - £122.00

Dalby Forest Runner

Pickering, North Yorkshire
24 Mar 24
£22.00 - £24.75

Run Yorkshire Roundhay 10k/Half

Leeds, West Yorkshire
14 Apr 24
£24.00 - £28.00

Leeds Running Festival - April

Leeds, West Yorkshire
21 Apr 24
£23.00 - £122.00

Race for Life Leeds 10k

12 May 24

Race for Life Bradford 10k

18 May 24

Race for Life Scarborough 10k

22 May 24

Race for Life Sheffield 10k

09 Jun 24

Race for Life Wakefield 10k

15 Jun 24

Race for Life Doncaster 10k

16 Jun 24

Race for Life York 10k

30 Jun 24

Race for Life Clumber Park 10k

07 Jul 24

Race for Life Hull 10k

14 Jul 24

Race for Life Harrogate 10k

21 Jul 24

The Ultra Loop - Run As Many 5km Loops As You Can in 8 hours

Leeds, West Yorkshire
03 Aug 24

Leeds Running Festival August

Leeds, West Yorkshire
18 Aug 24
£23.00 - £122.00

Peak District Challenge by Wilderness Development

13 Sep 24 - 14 Sep 24
£49.00 - £74.00

Run Yorkshire Roundhay 5k/10k/Half

06 Oct 24
£15.00 - £28.00
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If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for here are a few suggestions: focus your search and take a look at 10k Runs around Sheffield, Leeds, Hull or York. You could consider 10k’s in the North East or North West if you’re willing and able to travel a bit further. If you’re in Yorkshire but fancy something a bit shorter then check out our local 5k Run page: and of course we also have a local Half Marathons list if you are looking to step up the distance. If you’re happy to travel or you want to build a race into a trip away then check out our national 10k Runs calendar and you can refine and filter your search from there.

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