RunThrough Victoria Park 5k, 10k & Half

St Marks Gate, Victoria Park, Cadogan Terrace, London

St Marks Gate, Victoria Park, Cadogan Terrace, London E9 5HT

Sat 07th March 2020

Starting at 10:30

3 races

£20.00 - £26.00



All marshals and staff within the event and around the course will be issued with PPE and wear gloves and a mask for the duration of the event.

As many race packs will be posted out ahead of the event as possible and event communications will be sent via email in the lead up.

There will not be a formal baggage drop within the event village, please limit the number of belongings you bring to the event and leave anything in the car during the race to reduce contact between runners and staff. If this is not possible, please email

There will be multiple hygiene stations around the event with hand sanitiser for all runners.

You will see clear signage around the event village, please follow all signage and instructions from the marshals before, during and after the race.

There will be a manned, and clearly marked, medical hub within the event village.


The race will start in waves based on your estimated finish time, with the faster runners at the start and slower near the back to avoid any congestion and the need to overtake on course.

There will be an informal grab and go water station with sealed sports top bottles on the course, however we ask that you stay hydrated before the event and if you are able to please bring your own. Bottles and camelbacks are permitted.

If you need to overtake on the course please give a wide berth of at least 1 meter around any runners.

Spitting and nasal clearance during the race is not permitted.


Do not stop within the finish barriers. Please continue past the finish until you pass the medals and are in an open space.

We ask that once you have collected your medal and water to leave the event village as soon as possible to avoid groups congregating within the event village.

Run Through Events has provided covid-19 safety information for this event.

Organiser's Description

Looking for a PB course, or wanting to try out a new distance – this is the race for you! Come and run a chip timed 5k, 10k or Half Marathon around the wide, flat paths of Victoria Park, and see how your Winter training is progressing so far!

As with all RunThrough races, each mile will be accurately marked out and there will be plenty of our wonderful marshals out around the course to keep you going all the way to the finish!!


  • 5 Km
    £20.00 CLOSED
  • 10 Km
    £22.00 CLOSED
  • Half Marathon
    £26.00 CLOSED


  • 5 Km
    £20.00 CLOSED
  • 10 Km
    £22.00 CLOSED
  • Half Marathon
    £26.00 CLOSED
What's Included

Free official race photos

Chip timed results

Unique themed medal


Fruit & Flapjack

Mile Markers

Mashals on course


St Marks Gate, Victoria Park, Cadogan Terrace, London E9 5HT

How To Get There

Nearest underground stations: Bow Road or Mile End

Nearest rail station: Hackney Wick station

From Bow Road: Turn right out of the station. Take the next left down Addington Road. Continue walking straight until you can turn right onto Tredegar Road. Take the third left onto Parnell Road – you can enter the park at the end of Parnell Road. It is around a 15-20 minute walk. Alternatively you can take bus 488 or 276 from Bow Bus Garage.

From Mile End: Turn left and cross over Mile End Road. Turn right onto Grove Road – it’s about 20 minutes walk straight down. Alternatively, you can also walk most of the way through Mile End Park, which runs parallel to Grove Road. You will first arrive at the Crown Gates. Alternatively, on Grove Road you can catch bus 277 or 425 to the middle of the park.

From Hackney Wick: Turn left out of the station, at the end of the road turn left onto Wallis Road. Follow Wallis Road, at the T-junction, use the footbridge to cross the A12. As you enter the park, turn left onto Cadogan Terrace and continue walking until you see the race start area.

Use TFL to help plan your journey.

The Park is easily accessible by foot and cycle. Cycle parking is available in the Park.

Other Information

Start times: Half - 9:30; 5k - 10:00; 10k - 10:05.

Baggage: We will have a secure area where you can leave your baggage. We recommend you bring as little baggage as possible. Your baggage tag is attached to your race number, you simply tear it off and attach to your bag. To collect, show your number to the baggage tent staff and they will help you find your baggage.

Toilets: There will be plenty of portaloos brought on site for the event.

Refreshments: There will be water provided at the 5k point of the race, and there will also be water available at the finish. We have also ordered some flapjacks and fruit for when you finish

During the race: We will have marshals all around the course as well as km signs and arrows.
The course is on the roads/paths in the park:
10k – 3 laps; 5k – 1.5 laps

Spectators: In terms of spectating, this park could literally not be any better, the fields are open and every area is accessible to see people running round. Please be aware that there will be spectators and members of the public using the park.

Results: Results will be available on after the race.

Pictures: We will have a photographer taking a few snaps of the race and they will be on Facebook after the race so be sure to check it out and see if you can spot yourself.

Things to note! There WILL be pedestrians, please be aware of pedestrians, cyclists and dogs. We have marshals around the course and signs but this is not a road race, you have to pay very close attention to where you are going. We recommend you do not use earphones and you need to pay close attention to everything around you.

Social Media: For updates leading up to the race, please check out our Twitter @runthroughuk and use the hashtag #RunThroughUK in the build up to the race :-)

If you use #RunThroughUK on Instagram with your race day collages, the best ones will feature on our page!


Are your events chip timed?

Yes, all of our events are chip timed and accurately measured.

What is the minimum age to enter an event?

11 years old for a 5k, 15 years old for a 10k and 17 years old for Half Marathon.

When do entries close before an event? Can I enter on the day?

Entries normally close when the event sells out or on the Thursday before the event. Entries on the day is dependent on the capacity for the event, please refer to the specific event page after online entries have closed to see is there are entries on the day.

I can't make the event, can I have a refund?

Sorry, we don’t offer refunds. However, if you let us know 14 days in advance of the event we can transfer your entry to a friend or to a later event.

When will I receive more information about the event?

You will receive all race information, via email, in the week leading up to the event. For a weekend event you will receive it by Wednesday, and for a mid-week event, you will receive it by Monday.

Will I receive anything through the post?

No, nothing is posted. You will receive all race information by email and you will collect your race pack on the day of the event.

Do we collect our Timing Chip and Race Number on the day of the event?

Yes, that is correct. Please make sure you arrive at least 45 minutes before the race start so you have plenty of time to collect them.

Where can I find my results after the event?

Your results will be live on the website during the event. If you have any questions or queries with your results please email

Am I allowed to wear headphones?

We’d strongly advise against it – the nature of the events means that you need to be aware of your surroundings and be able to hear marshals instructions.

RunThrough kit

RunThrough kit can be collected at any event. Simply head to the kit stall and pick the size and colour you want at the time of collection.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at

4.5 · 40 Reviews


·a year ago

good course but quite busy. Good flat track, but rather busy with pedestrians and once the 10km & 5km runners were introduced it was even busier. More noticeable with 7 laps. But overall well organised.

·a year ago

Well organised. Excellent organisation. Great complimentary snacks and drinks after but what you would expect for the quite steep price and wished they could've given out t shirts for the price you pay. Disappointed also with the course as counting 7.5 laps for the half marathon proved hard and stressful however by wearing a watch showing mileage and knowing the last 0.5 lap is about a km is the way to go. Inevitably for most runners there will be lapping throughout the whole race because of the high number of laps which at times was annoying and slowed me down. Good experience overall though.

·a year ago

Rewarding and well-organised, but a bit confusing. It was really well-organised, I don't attend races very often at all but it was always clear where to go and what to do and there were lots of people on hand to help out when I wasn't sure. The only criticism I have is that having to keep track of how many laps I had done was pretty hard, I was using strava but it got the km I'd done totally wrong so I had to rely completely on remembering how many laps I had completed. When you're doing 6.5 laps this is a bit of a pain. Definitely recommend anyone wanting to do this half-marathon brings a good watch to help them keep track.

·a year ago

Well Organised, Good Route. Stewards marked the route clearly, tasty things at the finish line and plenty of support. Great fun!

·a year ago

Good fun. Great flat course which I’d recommend for anyone wanting improved times! Well organised and easy to follow route.

·a year ago

Lovely, flat route. This was my first half marathon so it was great for a beginner being flat and with a nice even terrain. The route was well explained and easy to keep track of and there was plenty of water available en route. The only thing, for me as a beginner, was that I was obviously one of the slower ones and the course became very lonely by the last lap and some of the marshalls had given up cheering you on when this was when we needed it most! Overall, a great experience, even if very sore the next day.

·a year ago

Flat, fast and well organised. I travelled down from Leeds to complete this 10k with a London-based friend and we both loved it. Flat, fast (PBs for us both) and overall well-organised, we both agreed we'd do it again. Although the course isn't the most interesting (laps around a park - without a watch completing the half marathon would've been very confusing) overall, it was a brilliant start to our weekend. - A massive shout out to the lady on the mic who was doing a great job of cheering everyone over the line!

·a year ago

Great Day Out. It was so well organised and the marshals and staff were brilliant! So friendly and encouraging - they kept me smiling throughout. Thanks all!

·a year ago

Well organised. It was my first 10k race and was a little nervous about the whole process but it was really well organised and all the instructions were made really clear. Looking for my next race to sign up to now.

·a year ago

Really well organised and run. A very straight forward morning, well organised and well marshalled.

·a year ago

First 10k - amazing. Really well organised and run event, everything was perfect and great weather

·a year ago

Repetitive but fun. Doing the same loop so many times does get a bit boring, but the organisers did a good job of providing music, signs and enthusiastic Marshalls to keep spirits up.

·a year ago

Well organised event. Check in, bag drop and set up was easy and convenient. The staff was helpful directing people! Look forward to the next race.

·a year ago

Good location and great layout. Really good run, nice flat course and well marked out. Plenty of marshalls and water available, expect nothing less from RunThrough. Would recommend as a great half for a PB attempt.

·a year ago

Fantastic Event. Amazing day despite the grim weather. Some marshals could have been a bit more enthusiastic.

·a year ago

Excellent race. Very flat course, well organised with several pits by the water station. Running with 5k and 10k runners at the same time is not completely ideal, but the deferred start helps and the race is not too crowded.

·a year ago

The first ones always hard... First race of the year is always tough, but the organisation of the team on the ground and the cheerfulness of the whole team and accompanying vendors made me get in the mood and forget the cold. Big smiles and lots of encouragement. A slick and organised pathway to your race beginning as well, well honed. The course however was tricky and confusing, rescued only by the diligent Marshals on the course. Great race
Georgina May

·a year ago

A great rewarding and well organised event. Staff were super helpful, the course was very scenic and well mapped out.

·a year ago

Amazing experience. It's hard to believe the entry was only £26.. the service provided by RunThrough was excellent value for money and I would not hesitate to reccommend them to a friend, Thanks!

·a year ago

Great event. Well organised event with plenty information in advance, effective logistics on the day and a nice and motivating crew.

·a year ago

A reasonably-organised event, nice flat course. As ever, it was a good challenge to do a half marathon. It's only my 3rd one, so I don't have a large number of comparisons yet. The last 2 were huge (25,000 in Hackney and 16,000 runners in Royal Parks) and for charity so this was bound to be very different. It was a nice flat course and quite pretty. A little repetitive with doing so many laps of the same course but that didn't really bother me. The only major criticisms were: - the general public was allowed to wander onto the course seemingly at will. This did not impress me at all. I don't expect them to get out of my way on my training runs in normal life. But this was supposed to be a paid-for, organised event. If they didn't get permission from the park admin authorities, why even run it? -Much smaller gripe, but combining the 5K, 10K and Half Marathon courses made it hard to tell when I should go one way and when the other if offered a left/right choice of course. Mostly the stewards were helpful but occasionally they weren't on it. A minor criticism is that some of the stewards who were presumably supposed to cheer people on looked miserable and didn't really do much. I guess i can't blame them on one hand, since it was cold and it must have been cold and boring to stand there, but a shame since their colleagues did a good job. The smiling musician with the steel drums did a very nice job of creating a good vibe in his corner of the race. Overall, a good experience but I may try other places and see whether these were just standard issues with all smaller-scale half marathons or whether it could be done better. On a positive note, minor gripes aside, overall, I was glad to have another opportunity to do a timed race with the feeling of an event and I'm glad I took part!

·a year ago

Great day - great event. A brilliant Saturday morning in Victoria Park running the half marathon. Organisation was second to none. A very enjoyable day. Will definitely be recommending RunThrough to friends and family with aspirations of running.

·a year ago

Awful event. 1. Not scenic, laps and laps of same park 2. Awful transport connections (hard to escape afterwards, too much traffic) 3. Hard to tell how many laps you had done and when to finish without watch

·a year ago

A well organized event. I thought the race was really easy to find and then once there I easily signed in and dropped the bag off. The race had lots of eager volunteers helping cheer racers on and it was well labelled. I would have liked more labelling of the major distances. But overall great race and I thoroughly enjoyed it and the location.

·2 years ago

Well organised, fun event. This race was one of the best organised events I took part this year. The volunteers cheered us on - I ran a 5k, the way was clearly marked. I really enjoyed myself - thank you

·2 years ago

Fantastic first race. I was nervous to attend my first event other than park run, I found the organisers to be very helpful, the Marshall's were all lovely and it was a pretty location. The only downside was my chip never registered me coming over the finish line but had registered that I started. Luckily I have a finish photo with the time and I even set a new PB! I would definitely recommend these events!
Congrats on the PB!!

·2 years ago

Perfect Timing. I came to London for visit from France and meantime I have booked the run through 5K for my experience. It was a excellent experience and well organized. For the future I would participate for further runs if I get the chance. Enjoyed a lot and Good look Medal from London . Hoooooray

·2 years ago

Very well organised. Well organised run and good support by the stewards all the way round

·2 years ago

Well organised, enjoyed free warm up coach.

·2 years ago

Brilliant Organisation by Wonderful Marshals. I very much enjoyed my run. At the age of 77 years and 10 months I won the M75-79 category coming in last overall at 3 hours 27 mins 12 secs. It was a hot day and everyone was so supportive of me and helped me to finish with their encouragement. I encourage those in their 70's to give it a go. You will be encouraged by fantastic helpers.

·2 years ago

Well organised. That was my first and definitely no last race. I felt very welcome. Race was organised perfectly.

·2 years ago

A great race, no registration queue.

·2 years ago

Well organised - nice setting with friendly marshals. Although I'm not a fan of laps really enjoyed this half marathon. It's a flat paved course so easy to get into stride and perfect pb territory. There is lots going on at the park and the marshals were encouraging with their tambourines! I went with a couple of friends and we had opted for half marathon and 10k. The different distances mean it's accessible to all and great to see such a mixture of abilities running together.

·2 years ago

Very well organised, though I got a bit confused. Getting to the event, checking in, storing my bag, all seamless and brilliant. As my second half marathon, without a GPS watch, once running I lost track of the distance covered given we were running in laps (also because we merged in with the 5km & 10km). Thankfully, we were told once we have passed the water station 7 times, we were to veer into the home stretch... but the first time I passed the water station nothing was laid out, so I wasn't sure if that was an official Pass Number 1! Anyway, I got there in the end, but I feel the laps or distances covered could have been better labelled!

·2 years ago

First ever Half Marathon. I have never been to Victoria Park before and have never entered a Half Marathon before so I felt very nervous, but there was no need. The park, weather, organisers and other runners were perfect. It was a great day out and although I am still aching from it, I’m still smiling as it’s a reminder of the achievement I’ve made. Looking forward to the next one (not for a couple of months though 😊)!

·2 years ago

First ever 10k run. Very well organised and the perfect course for a first ever 10k run. Very flat which helped!

·2 years ago

Good Race. Well organised, the volunteers were great cheering the runners on.

·2 years ago

Excellent experience. This was both my first experience with run-through and my first half marathon in England after living for many years in weird and wonderful places across Eastern Europe. I have to say I was delighted with everything. I had to change my date and location-no problem. I needed early information about check in times and storage for personal belongings-no problem. On the day? Everything was perfectly organised, and what a team of volunteers; they made sure that everything went well. Thank you, I'll be back!

·2 years ago

Well organised quick course..

·2 years ago

Really fun event with great course.. I really enjoyed this event as it was so chill and had a great course with really clear directions. Helpful!
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St Marks Gate, Victoria Park, Cadogan Terrace, London

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