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Running a full marathon is still the classic test for any runner. 26.2 miles (42km) is short enough to be achievable by most people - after a lot of hard training - but definitely long enough and tough enough to make it one of life's most memorable experiences.

From small, locally organised marathons, to the biggest races on the globe, attracting tens of thousands of runners, the Find a Race event calendar lists over 200 marathons every year all over the UK and beyond. So whether you’re looking for your nearest trail marathon or the buzz of a big-city road-race, check out our comprehensive 2021 - 2022 marathon list below: and hit the “Refine” button above to tailor your search.

Looking for a marathon outside the UK? Check out our list of International Marathons. If 26.2 miles doesn't feel tough enough, think about trying a challenging Ultra Marathon. And if you're not quite ready for a Full Marathon yet? See our Half Marathon Calendar.

Fancy an active trip away? Check out our Running Holidays page which lists international running trips and breaks. Or if you're looking for a great running challenge that you can take part in from anywhere, check out our virtual running events.

Marathons 2024 - 2025

How long do you train for a marathon?

The typical training duration for a marathon is usually around 16 to 20 weeks. During this period, runners focus on gradually preparing their hearts, muscles, and mind for the physical and mental demands of the race. It is crucial to follow a well-structured training plan that gradually increases the intensity, allowing for improvements in fitness and endurance.

Marathon events shouldn’t be taken lightly - training should last around 16-20 weeks to allow the body to gradually improve cardiovascular fitness, strengthen muscles and learn how to mentally manage a long-distance run. As a rough guide, you should be looking to run 4 or 5 days a week logging around 45 miles. Your training runs will never be quite as long as the full race and it is a great idea to incorporate cross-training to help build speed and endurance.

How long will it take me to run a marathon?

In 2022 the average male finish time for the London marathon was 4hr 21 minutes with the average female finish time only just behind this at 4hr 57 minutes. For many marathon runners, a great aim is to finish under 4 hours, however, this isn’t easily achieved - especially if it is your first time running a race of this distance.

Are there any races longer than a Marathon?

If you’re looking for an even bigger challenge, Ultra Marathons might just be for you. Anything above the traditional 26.2 miles is considered an Ultra Marathon, with common distances including 50k, 100k, 50 miles or 100 miles.