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10k Runs 2024 - 2025

10k runs are perhaps the most popular running events in the UK. A 10k race (about 6.2 miles) is an achievable but challenging distance for a beginner looking to move up from 5k races and Parkruns. However, a 10k is also an excellent distance for more experienced runners and is often used to increase endurance for longer distances.

Because 10k races are so popular, there are lots of them - findarace lists over 400 10k runs every year all over the UK and beyond. So whether you’re a Parkrunnner looking to step up to your first 10k or an experienced racer looking for a 10k PB, check out our comprehensive 2022 - 2023 10k race calendar below. Filter by date, location or race type, and you’ll find a perfect race for you.

If you're looking for an online challenge that you can participate in anywhere (including indoors), check out our 10k virtual runs. What about a bigger challenge? The next step up is the Half Marathon, or why not set yourself a huge goal to smash by signing up for your first marathon?

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10k Runs 2024 - 2025


Jones o Gymru Anglesey Half Marathon & 10k

03 Mar 24
£9.49 - £37.99

MBNA Chester 10K

Chester, Cheshire
10 Mar 24

Dalby Forest Runner

Pickering, North Yorkshire
24 Mar 24
£22.00 - £24.75

Run Scotland Strathclyde 5k / 10k / Half

05 May 24
£15.00 - £30.00

Run Frimley 2024

Camberley, Surrey
05 May 24
£12.00 - £36.00

Nonsuch Park 10k Charity Fun Run

Nonsuch Mansions, Ewell Road, Cheam, Surrey SM3 8AL
05 May 24


05 May 24
£28.00 - £142.00


Dorking, Surrey
05 May 24
£22.00 - £39.95

The One in the Park - Regent's - May

Regents Park, London, England, United Kingdom
05 May 24

PHOENIX - The Neo Run

11 May 24
£22.00 - £40.00

Race for Life London - Regent's Park 10k

11 May 24

Tatton Park 5k & 10k

Knutsford, Cheshire
11 May 24
£24.00 - £120.00

Collingbourne Races: Half Marathon & 10k

Andover, Wiltshire
11 May 24
£20.00 - £30.00

The Cobham Festival of Running

Cobham, Surrey
11 May 24
£10.00 - £22.00

The All Nations 5k, 10k and Half Marathon Run

Windsor, Buckinghamshire
11 May 24
£22.00 - £25.00

Race for Life Fife 10k

12 May 24

Race for Life Falmouth 10k

12 May 24

Sunderland City Runs

Sunderland, Tyne and Wear
12 May 24
£28.00 - £40.00

Race for Life Walsall 10k

12 May 24

Seaford 10K

Seaford Museum of Local History, Martello Fields Esplanade, Seaford, East Sussex BN25 1JH
12 May 24

Hampton Court Palace 10k

East Molesey, Surrey
12 May 24
£38.00 - £182.00

Race for Life Leeds 10k

12 May 24

Race for Life Aberystwyth 10k

12 May 24
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10k Run FAQs

Why run 10k?

10k is a great distance to run. Long enough to be a real challenge but short enough to be achievable by anyone with some training. A 10k is perfect for beginners looking to move on from a park run or for more experienced runners looking for a PB.

Which 10k Races Should I Try?

Our range of 10k running events offers something for everyone, from beginners to seasoned runners looking for challenging terrain or a personal best. The next few months are packed with a whole variety of amazing runs, so we’ve selected some highlights.

The MBNA Chester 10K is a great first race for beginners and a good warm-up for those planning to run a half marathon later. The race starts and ends in the lively centre of Chester. Runners begin their race heading northwest from the city and finish on Eastgate Street, where runners are cheered on by enthusiastic local supporters and pass by the historic Eastgate Clock.

Try the Tatton Park 10k and enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of Tatton Park, nestled in Cheshire. This undulating path, secluded from the bustling world by closed thoroughfares, is renowned for its fast course and PB potential.

The March London Victoria 10k is a great event if you want to combine enjoying the beautiful scenery with a fast, flat course that is perfect for chasing personal best times. The race starts and finishes at Northern Drive, with runners taking in 3 laps in one of London’s biggest green spaces.

What is the average 10k run time?

The average finish time for a 10km run in the UK is 53 minutes for Men and 1 hour 3 minutes for Women.

How many calories are burned running a 10K?

On average 600-800 calories are burned running a 10k. Calories burned differs a lot depending on factors such as fitness and pace.

What are the fastest 10k runs?

With so many fast courses in the UK it's hard to determine the absolute winner. But we reckon these flat and speedy races are perfect for PB chasing.

Can beginners run a 10k?

10k is a great distance for beginners looking to step up from 5k or perhaps taking on their first race. Challenging enough to give you that brilliant feeling of accomplishment yet achievable by everyone with a few weeks of committed training.

How to train for a 10k race?

Someone new to the distance should be able to train for 10k race in 8-12 weeks. Most training plans recommend running 3-4 times per week with a mix of easy runs, faster sessions (normally with some intervals) and a longer run.

What should I eat before a 10k race?

On race day you should have your last meal 2-3 hours before the race. Recommended options to eat before a 10k race include porridge with honey, a bagel with peanut butter or cereals like weetabix or muesli. The important thing is to eat food that you like and not try anything new. Too many people have experienced a dodgy stomach which can easily ruin your race.

Can I run 10k without training?

Running a 10km distance without prior training is possible but, likely not the best idea especially if you are not regularly exercising. Factors such as your baseline fitness level, general health, and physical conditioning will determine how well you’ll get on attempting this. Running 5K and other shorter distances regularly is one of the better ways to prepare for running a longer distance.

Attempting to run a 10k without training can be very challenging and carries a high risk of injury, extreme fatigue, or other health complications.

Should you run every day to train for a 10k?

Running daily while training for a 10K is not typically recommended, as it can increase the risk of overuse injuries, fatigue, and burnout. A balanced training plan usually includes a mix of running, rest days, and cross-training activities. This approach allows for adequate recovery, which is crucial for muscle repair and improvement in fitness. Most training plans suggest running three to five times a week, varying the intensity and distance of each run.

What is the biggest 10K run?

The Great Manchester Run holds the title of the largest 10K event in the United Kingdom. Since its inception in 2003, it has evolved into the UK's most significant 10K race. This yearly race draws a diverse group of participants, including top-tier athletes, recreational runners, and individuals running for charitable causes. It is a part of the wider Great Run series, which includes various road races throughout the UK.

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